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Thursday 13th June 2024
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What is hashing?

Loosely based on the traditional paper chase but using bio-degradable chalk and flour markings. At a Hash, one or more members (Hares) lay a trail, which is then followed by the remainder of the group (the Pack or Hounds). The trail often includes false trails, short cuts, dead ends and splits. These features are designed to keep the pack together regardless of fitness level or running speed, as front-runners are forced to slow down to find the "true" trail, allowing stragglers to catch up.

There is usually a "beer stop" at some point during the r*n (we can't bring ourselves to actually write that word) where there will be water, soft drinks and beer. There may even be some biscuits to keep you going!

We name our splits "Rambo" and "Wimps". Generally, the rambo split is for people of a more athletic nature whilst the wimps is for those that want to take it easy. There's no shame either way - the only shame is not hashing in the first place!

Lune Valley H3 is a family hash and welcomes people of all ages and abilities. Hashing is non competitive and is a great way to stay fit, see some wonderful countryside and have fun!

What's this? A gender problem?

A closed check If you're new to hashing you'll need to know the marks used by your local hash. The marks vary slightly from group to group but this list of our markings will get you going.

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What do I need?

Your first r*n is free, thereafter we charge £2.50 for adults, £1 for juniors for a daytime r*n or £1 for a full moon for all to cover refreshments. If you then decide to r*n regularly with us, there is an annual public liability insurance premium which is currently £7.

If you'd like to join us afterwards in the On Inn (a local pub or restaurant), you will need some money.

To r*n, you need suitable clothing and footwear as it can get muddy and slippery. It is worth bringing a change of clothes and footwear that you can slip into after the r*n.

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About Lune Valley Hash House Harriers

Lune Valley Hash House Harriers (LVH3) usually r*n at 11am on the second and fourth Sundays each month and also at 7pm on the evening of a Full Moon. But how did it all start...

LVH3 on the roadBack in October 2000, Bubbles (ex Kowloon Hash) was driving home and saw Hash Drunk (ex Aberdeen Hash) - sporting Hash haberdash and performing his daily ritual. That night they tried to organise a piss up in a brewery. They failed miserably and so realising their incredible mismanagement skills decided to form a hash.

The first LVH3 r*n took place from the Station Hotel in Caton and was attended by various catonites, a fire engine, 2 dogs and some very keen fell runners! Despite Bubbles' best efforts with demonstrations on a white board, a standard set of markings has failed to become established - all adds to the fun!

LVH3 were determined not to be defeated by 'Foot and Mouth' which condemned us to town runs for most of 2001. We grew and multiplied and are now a strong outgoing hash never failing to be amazed by the utter incompetence found throughout the hashing world - long may it last!

New members added - or tried to add - traditions: ice, knobs, toilet seats and teddies.

The away team has visited Sodor and Man, Newcastle, Yorkshire, First UK Full Moon, Scarborough and of course Nash Hashes in Hampshire and Gloucestershire and Interhash in Cardiff.

We were aware that the hallowed lanes and paths of the Lune Valley had been hashed before, which is why we've always stated that LVH3 was 'reborn' in October 2000. This communication from Steve Lever (Sun, 7 Nov 2004) clarifies our previously unknown history...

Lune HHH (no valley in it originally) was formed by myself (RA) and GM Ian Henderson (Horrenderson) in March 1988. We are both ex Aberdeen Hashers (at different times) who only met whilst working at British Hydrocarbons, Heysham. The original group was made up of people from there, but an article in the local rag attracted at least one from the power station and a teacher (poor lass). We Hashed every Thursday more or less straight from work (more drinking time).

We hashed all over the place - Caton (moor), Brookhouse, Claughton, Priest Hutton, Silverdale, Warton as well as the closer places down the Lune and around Heysham. Our claim to fame was getting banned from a pub, I think in Nether or Over Kellet, for singing "I'm Climbing up Sunshine Mountain"!

We were labelled lewd and disgraceful and the landlord said we were upsetting his customers (one farmer, his inbred son and a sheep!) so we legged it before the food arrived, miserable git! We had several interesting hashes involving Lune river crossings - fortunately we never lost anybody! And one memorable hash, the last one I set - a marathon when I suffered a severe energy loss setting the bloody thing round Caton moor - it rained all that night and the next day and what was a stream the previous day was a raging torrent the night of the hash and it had to be crossed cos the beer check was on the other side! One person got swept downstream but fortunately his escape was halted by a rock - yes he was down downed for attempting a serious short cut downhill! Shiggy was the way with the Lune Hash - reading your harelines I see it still is!

I left the area later in 1988 and there followed only a few sporadic hashes before it seemd to fizzle out - I guess they lost the scapegoat! Ian left shortly after me and has, I think, ended up in Australia - or maybe only made it to the sin bins of Pattaya!

Twas on this Hash that I impressed a local girl who thought that it would be a brilliant idea to return to Aberdeen with me - only to find that the Aberdeen Hash was not for the feint hearted, being more like a game of cross country rugby without a ball in those days! Anyway we married and have an eight year old son. Living out in Qatar and have hashed on the Doha Hash and the West Coast Hash over here. We will be in Lancaster next Friday before going up to Aberdeen and partying the weekend away with some old friends (mainly Hashers). Shame we won't be back in the UK long enough to try hashing - though I must admit with advancing years and enhanced girth, I am definitely a "walking talking SCB" candidate!

So good luck Lune Valley HHH. Some day soon I may rekindle my association and well done for getting it back on its feet.

On On.

Steve A Lever