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Tuesday 29th September 2020
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The Septics at InterHash 2006

18th Oct. After a few days in Singapore we started with the pre-rumble kick-off run with Singapore Harrietts. Over 450 people turned up at Turf City - the old Singapore racecourse turned run-down shopping arcade. Plenty of our hash friends were there from Scarborough, Yorkshire and Isle of Wight hashes and after much catching-up, the buses for the long run were leaving. The run site in the jungle was accompanied by monkeys cadging food. After a briefing, the long run set off around the muddy, thickly forested banks of a reservoir and along seemingly endless forest tracks to the amusement of groups of Singapore army recruits doing jungle survival training. The run finished in the dark with nibbles of fried stuff and fruit, followed by an un-memorable circle and beer. The other runs seemed to take a long time to get back but eventually food was served for everyone under a collection of gazebos and a good time was had. We caught a bus and metro back to the hotel because we needed to be up early next morning for the Rumble train.

19th Oct. After the short walk from our hotel to Tanjong Pagar station, joined the crowds of Rumblers hanging around and filling in immigration forms for Malaysia. A sending-off party arrived complete with Singapore lion dancers and we then queued through Malaysia immigration for ages before boarding the train and setting off late. The first part of the day, including a stop off in Malaysia to pick up beer and food, was noisy and raucous, everyone full of energy and catching up with old friends. After a while though it got very quiet as most hashers slept. We rumbled on through rubber and palm oil plantations and eventually arrived in Kuala Lumpur, by now very late. Quick reception then on to buses with police motor cycle escorts (hilarious) to Eastin Hotel where check-in took ages, dumped bags then back onto the buses, waited for police escort again to the run site where it was nearly dark. The set runs were abandoned and everyone was led around the park instead. This was typical of Malaysia's hash mis-management. Anyway, food, combined circle and entertainment were excellent. A hot bath back at the hotel was very welcome, but did not get much sleep as next day's start was early.

20th Oct. Fried rice breakfast in hotel (getting fed up with fried rice now) and that crazy police escort again to lead the buses back to the train station to rumble on, 45 minutes late. A lazy day on the train through endless palm plantation and scattered tin-roofed shacks to Butterworth a couple of hours late. Onto buses with, guess what, police escort, over the 7.5km bridge to the island of Penang, then a long, windy road around to the west side of the island in a gathering squall at dusk to the run site. As we pulled up in the buses the rain came down (understatement as we were soaked to the skin in seconds). The Penang Men's HHH hares were obviously p**ed off that we were late so led off what we thought was going to be a shortened run but turned out to be the long run in the thunder storm regardless, without taking names, up impossibly steep slopes which were by now rivers of mud. The "run" was ridiculous, it went dark after an hour and very few had torches. After a false trail 50m down a steep slope and having to climb back up it again, hares led us eventually down to a road and hosed us off, so we thought we'd nearly finished. No, another crazy hare appeared and led us back into the jungle in the dark up another impossible climb. Antiseptic was in the leading dozen or so but I was waylaid in a group helping Revs from NZ back out of the jungle to the road after she popped a knee cap. It took over an hour to carry her to a place the ambulance could get to and eventually a bus had come out to pick up stragglers so I arrived with a bedraggled group of about 20 at the on in. Antiseptic was already back, being one of the few who actually finished the run. Changed into dry gear and the food was welcome but skipped the entertainment and hopped on an early bus with impatient hashers who hadn't run, to our glorious executive suite in the Paradise Sandy Beach Resort Hotel in Tanjong Bungah and went to bed!

21st Oct. After this things got better. Today's train journey was pretty well on time, immigration at Thai border in Padang Basah well organised as we put our watches back an hour. One hour later, great music and dance reception at Hat Yai station with flower garlands. Had half an hour in JB Hotel in Hat Yai before going to run site for Songkhla HHH 25th anniversary run. Tranquil run in rubber plantation with great views from the top, monks chanting, good circle in the rain then back to reception venue in the town of Songkhla with big tubs of water to ladle over ourselves and change to dry clothes. Food and entertainment fantastic, traditional Thai dancing from local college followed by modern stuff for us to dance to, even a nice bunny giving out condoms in various flavours. We party pooped again though and caught an earlyish bus back to hotel and bed.

22nd Oct Sunday. No travelling planned in the daytime, so after waiting an hour for a bus tour that had been supposedly organised, gave up and caught a taxi into Hat Yai instead. Nice town with almost no tourists, enjoyed just strolling around and buying a few things. After buffet lunch in hotel set off for Hat Yai HHH 300th run from Hat Yai park and an open-sided meeting hall by an ornamental lake with fountain. This was the most gruelling run on the trip, climbing through thick plantation and past a quarry lake, up probably around 1000ft to a TV station at the top and short water stop. Back into the jungle and about half way down the other side emerged at a giant golden Buddha and associated monuments, temples and exhibits with stunning views over Hat Yai. Great reward for much exertion, then down by road, back to the park and welcoming party of Thai girls in traditional dress. After a rub down (no Thai girls involved) and change, great food yet again and party with traditional, then modern dancers (both sexes), danced the night away before retiring to hotel to wait for transport to sleeper train. Unfortunately because of a derailment the train was 2 hours late so we entertained ourselves with song and beer, eventually setting off about 2am.

23rd Oct. Took a while to get used to sleeping on the train but had plenty of time as we got later and later while the next day dawned and progressed. Rumbled through paddy fields and plantation, arriving at Hua Hin after changing into running gear on the train. Yet another great reception, given fruit snacks and taken in open sided trucks to the run site at Suan Soan elephant park and our hosts the combined hashes of Hua Hin and Cha Am. For me (CS) this was the best run of the trip through fragrant scrub on rocky ground and coming across elephants grazing at dusk. Very atmospheric. AS and other FRBs lost trail and were eventually picked up by a truck after dark. Swill down and change, good food and circle, then back on trucks to the train and on to Hua Lamphong station Bangkok, arriving early hours. Buses to hotels got lost and turned back a few times passing other buses going in other directions - hilarious. Eventually got to bed in the Ambassador hotel.

24th Oct. No travelling planned again today. Relaxed breakfast and bought an all-day ticket on the sky train which we took to the river and caught a river bus to the Grand Palace. Just getting off the boat we bumped into Bedside Manner and Thunderdick (amazing odds against that happening) so arranged a dinner date with them. Borrowing long trousers/sarong to get in, we spent two hours in scorching heat gawking at the absolutely unbelievable wats and palaces in the Grand Palace area and, all gawked out, caught the river bus and sky train back to the hotel for a quick meal, then changed for hashing and sky train to run site at Noriega's bar in Silom Soi 4 for the Red Light Run. Registered, donned silly hats and set off around busy streets, parks and various red light Sois for beer stops, around 10km in total, finishing at Sukhumvit. Great fun, many beers and red light girls very welcoming (at least I think they were girls). Left before the circle, showered and changed then sky train came in handy again to go for dinner with BM and TD in the Paragon Centre - great service, beers and food, really cheap. Said goodbye to BM and TD again, earlyish bed ready for early Rumble start again tomorrow.

25th Oct. Wake-up call at 4:40am, breakfast and onto buses again, this time they seemed to know the way to the station. No-one had seen Boghopper and I walked from one end of the train to the other and back, then decided he wasn't on it. Train departed 6:45 and two minutes later stopped, then started again. Then Boggy appeared on train with luggage and a look of relief. Turns out he'd missed the buses, got a taxi to the station, arrived just as we were pulling away and the guard spotted him and flagged the train to stop. Cutting it fine! This was a very hot day and we rumbled through hours of flooded farmland - exceptional rain this year had left the water level 2 metres above normal. Stopped once to take lunch and beer on board, eventually arriving at Sawankhalok station at 3:30 (late!), to yet another grand welcome of band and dancers. No time to dawdle as onto buses and 45 min drive to the run site at Sukhothai World Heritage Site, ancient first capitol of former Siam. The long run was 9.5 miles, mostly on stony hills at first, passing many ancient Buddhist monuments in the forest, then through farmland at dusk and finally about 3km back along the road in the dark to Wat Mahathat. After bucket showers and change, found the food laid out on a lawn on low tables and rush picnic mats. Entertained with traditional music and dance again, while eating, then speech and downdowns for the governor of Sukhotai. Finally the highlight of the evening, we moved forward onto seats by the lake and were treated to a dramatic presentation of the history of the region in music and dance, with floating lanterns, fireworks and hundreds of performers. Gobsmacked!! Buses back to train, departed midnight and to bed.

26th Oct. Arrived Chiang Mai 8:00 am on time!! Shared a Sawngthaew (red taxi) with Dead End to Star Hotel - excellent place, so extended our booking for a further week. Wandered out with Bedside and Thunder, met a man who told us where to go to get a free vegetarian lunch! Very good too. In the afternoon walked to Empress Hotel to register for Interhash, met everyone again, had a few beers then later ate in SoJos corner caf? (no alcohol so no hashers for a change!), joined by B and T later and afterwards wandered with them through the night bazaar and back to the hotel, recalling memories of our great train rumble and especially that amazing presentation at Sukhothai.

27th Oct. Friday. Took the morning off to get away to Chiang Mai zoo and the pandas (still bumped into a few hashers though), then went straight to Jet Loy stadium, wandered around the hash bazaar, got beers and food. All activities were held outdoors with the stage one end with food and beer stalls positioned around the edges with tables in middle at the other end. Singha (beer sponsors) even provided dozens of girls in Singha dresses to stand around the beer and look helpful. Beer was Singha light (no choice - about 3.5%). Opening ceremony came later with bands, elephants and bid presentations for 2008, then return to Chiang Mai on a free shuttle bus.

28th Oct. A lazy breakfast and a walk to the travel agent to book our flights home left us just enough time to catch the shuttle bus to the stadium and put our hash bags on a bus for run number 11, hared by Pattaya Jungle HHH. After lunch and a beer, boarded the bus at 1:30 for the run site in a forest glade by the Huay Jo reservoir, Mae Jo. In the heat of the afternoon the first part of the run in teak forest was delightful but the rest in open country and full sun was extreme. Good job I had a towel on my head, though I looked ridiculous. At the on in, wrung our shirts out and swilled down with smelly jungle water before putting on dry stuff and forming a circle. The hares had been told not to have ice blocks as nudity is an offence in Thailand, so they had brought bags of crushed ice and a tub of ice water instead and made a point of telling us how clever they had been! The circle went on much too long and our boredom was only broken by the sight of a giant orb-web spider suspended in the treetops and by ministering sympathy to Everready (Yorkshire hash) who had broken a metatarsal. Back to the stadium for food and beers, then came across No More Come wandering aimlessly. He rambled on for five minutes about Thailand being the best place in the world, then disappeared. Then it was cabaret time on the stage and the usual, predictable routines by the same hashes although Yorkshire's was very good. We left around 10:30 for bed.

29th Oct. Sunday now, though no way of telling in Thailand. Breakfast as usual, did some stuff, booked a trek for Tuesday and caught shuttle to Stadium. Booked ourselves on the survivors' run for Monday and planted our bags on the bus for today's run number 5, hared by Whoremonger's Bangkok Full Moon Hash. Went for a coffee with Dead End, then Pick Me Up and Hash Drunk appeared from nowhere. One jolly coffee gathering later, mounted the bus and went to the run site by a river sluice/park thing (Mae Tdaeng irrigation project). Very scenic spot. The run started past a Wat in longan orchards, past a series of lakes and reservoirs, over a few hills and finished past another Wat and along the road back to the site. There were plenty of snacks and beers, though the circle was a bit dreary, then back to the stadium for food (including Thai macaroons) while watching the down down competition. More cabarets later, then finished with the closing ceremony and at 10:30 we launched 1000 floating lanterns. Very moving sight. No photos though as the camera batteries had run out. So ended Interhash 2006.

30th Oct. Did some stuff again in the morning, including collecting 2 hash T-shirts that AS had had altered at a local tailor as they were too big. Lunch in the Art Caf? by the Tha Phae gate, then went on to the hash pub to meet for the survivors' run, hared by Blabs and Chiang Mai HHH. We decided a permanent hash pub is a good idea and got to thinking about this for Lune Valley. A fleet of Sawngtheaws (red taxis) was waiting to carry us to the run site. This was an excellent run, about 12K through paddy fields and orchards, by ponds and reservoirs and finishing through thick forest. The circle (with ice again) was ok then quick change and back to Chiang Mai and the hotel. Over dinner in the Indian Restaurant talked over the weekend with Bedside Manner and Thunderdick. A little sad that Interhash is finally over, but looking forward to Perth in 2008.

We stayed for the rest of the week in Chiang Mai doing treks, shopping, walking around more Wats, hanging around in bars and finishing on the Saturday with the 15th Loy Krathong festival parade, Krathong launching and firecrackers. A grand and emotional end to a wonderful three weeks of mud, sweat and beers with the bonus of the wonderful Thai people and their hill tribe villagers, elephants, waterfalls and mosquitos. We will definitely go back to Thailand.

By the end of the rumble and the weekend we had each acquired: 9 T-shirts, 2 polo shirts, 2 large towels, 2 small towels, 2 rucksacks, 1 monks bag, 1 prayer bag,1 boot bag, 1 glass tankard and numerous badges, headbands etc.


Write up by Cyberseptic

Friday 17th November 2006 at 6:51pm