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Solstice Hash On Tour 2008

In December 2006 I had made another trip from Pattaya to Phnom Penh, but this time had intended to run with the local hash. Prior to setting off, my contact had informed me that there was a travelling hash from KL in town and that the locals were involved. That was cool by me and I had a great weekend on the Mekong and cyclohashing amongst other things. I met the likes of Wet Dream, Opera and Kamikhazi from KL and Wrongway from Angeles City, Philppines.

Earlier this year, Wrongway had sent me an e-mail as he usually does, to inform me of the latest location. SHOT are sponsored by Air Asia and pick their next run from the list of destinations. The fact that it was Vientiane caught my attention. I hadn't been to Laos yet and it seemed a good excuse to drag my weary arse out of Pattaya. I had already heard much about the quality of the terrain and knew Dayak from the Vientiane Bush Hash as a seasoned Dirtroader. That was it. I was going. With the exchange rate as bad as I can remember, I was determined to find the cheapest route and, instead of flying direct to Vientiane, booked a flight to Udon Thani near the border.

I met up with some hashers on their way to Pattaya in Bangkok on the Friday night and showed them where to go on Soi Cowboi. We had a wild night as usual and I headed out of Soi Nana following a plate of spaghetti in the hotel at 0300 on Saturday morning. By 0700, I had flown to Udon Thani and jumped on a bus to Nong Kai near the border. From Nong Kai, I took a tuk tuk to the Thai border, a bus from there to the Laos border and then another tuk tuk into Vientiane. The tuk tuk was full, but about half way there we stopped and about 8 laotian girls jumped in and all over us. Well, I never complained! By 1030 I had checked into the Lan Xiang Hotel. It was 36$ a night, but I wanted to be with the rest of the hashers. When I opened my door at about 1200, I bumped straight into Wet Dream. In the foyer was Wrongway and the 3 of us wandered across the road towards the banks of the Mekong to register and for food. At this point, I met up again with Whoremonger, who I had known as a Bangkok hasher. He is now in KL and many will appreciate his efforts in organising the train trip associated with Chiang Mai Interhash. He told me some interesting stories about that and how the finale in Sukothai had reduced him to tears.

After the 2 luxury 52 seaters had dropped us off near a lake to meet up with the local hash, I experienced some of the best hashing terrain I had seen yet. What was most important to me was that the hares had not chopped out a path through the vegetation, but had left it much as they had found it. This leaves you with much ducking and diving, jumping, sliding and dodging - just how I like it. I did the long version as usual and it was very long, blending in and out of the two other alternatives on the way. The circle came with snacks, plenty of Beerlao and huge blocks of ice. Although the core of the hash were mostly of European descent, the majority were either malays or laotians. After being bussed back into town, there was a banquette buffet to demolish and the beer came to your table ice-cold in serve-yourself dispensers. I had a wander into town after things had finished to see what was what in this "new place". There was a french influence similar to Phnom Penh, but it seemed that communism might have diluted it somewhat in comparison.

Sunday was the usual recovery run around town at 1030 and doubled up as a sight-seeing tour. I tried to recognise the dodgy dives I had fallen into the night before. The beer stops along the way were awesome dotted along the banks of the river. One of them on the 4th floor of an all-wooden place reminded me of the FCC in Phnom Penh and the awesome view over the same river from the massive balcony. The run ended with the usual circle with even bigger blocks of ice and the issue of run shirts and straw hats to keep off the sun. The circle continued in the On Inn where we helped ourselves to more excellent food. I was then driven off with the likes of Wrongway and Dayak to some local hide-away where we had more beer until evening.

At about 1800, I picked my bag up at the hotel, went out for some bruschetta and chips in a nearby café and headed for the border again in a tuk tuk. I had to be there before 1000 when it closed. On the way to Udon Thani, the thai police stopped and searched the pick-up I was travelling in and were totally bemused by my orange pants with badges all over them. When I got to the bus station there was a luxury VIP bus with fully reclining vibrating massage seats already waiting to go to Bangkok. I jumped on this for the princely sum of about £8 in favour of going to the airport to wait for my flight at 0735. By 0600, I was already in Bankok and by 0930 back home in Pattaya. I had plenty of time before leaving for the Monday run at 1500, where I was going to assist my original sponsor from 10 years ago, Salvatore. He had had a motorbike accident at home in Switzerland 9 years ago and I hadn't seen much of him since. He had introduced me to hashing and I was going to help him revisit the hash again despite him now being confined to a wheel-chair. He had been back since his accident, but had suffered somewhat due to people getting pissed and forgetting to help him. The week before, I had done my 100th run with PH3 and received the mug and the "Survivors" shirt. This was a watershed.

The following day we did the Dirtroad, brought forward 2 days because of Christmas. That was a long day as usual and sort of capped-off the last 5 days. Running; travelling; meeting old friends from all over the world in new locations; sharing beers and food; looking up at the stars on warm nights; memories and dreams - for me THIS IS HASHING.

No More Cum

Write up by No More Cum

Thursday 1st January 2009 at 12:28am