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Monday 22nd July 2024
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«Away R*ns»

LVH3 at CH3's 200th r*n

A stupendous crowd of LVH3 hashers (11 in fact) assembled at the Lanthwaite Green car park by Crummack Water on 2nd January 2012 for the Cockermouth H3 200th r*n.  CH3 and a few visitors/virgins made up the total number to around 30.  Weather amazingly dry, verging on bright and breezy, all the more surprising as the official figures for December confirmed there were only 2 dry days out of 31.

Greetings exchanged with Half Dome, Miss Demeanour, Lady Godiva, Huggy, etc (apologies to all the other CH3 hashers whose names I can't remember), we formed a big circle and were briefed by the hares before runners and walkers set off in opposite directions, runners effectively doing a pre-loop over the open fell, which Sir Tom Tom deemed "chaotic".

Into the woods and down to the lake side to a cake stop at a sheltered bay, where Huggy took a dip in the lake and, not to be outdone, I followed.  It was f*** freezing in the water, which on returning to shore made the weather feel much warmer!  Short climb back up to the road and the on in for a slice of 200 birthday cake, speeches and the presentation of a commemorative script, which we all signed, to CH3's retiring GM Muscles.

On on to the Wheatsheaf at Lorton for tatty pot and good beer, rounding up a grand day out and fitting celebration for Cockermouth H3, may they long continue.  Sad goodbyes and agreement to share each other's r*ns more often.

LVH3 Attendees:
Cyberseptic, Antiseptic, Off His Trolley, White Noise, Sir Tom Tom, Morticia, Pudsley, Stinkerbell, Highway, Full Member and Naania.


Write up by Cyberseptic

Tuesday 3rd January 2012 at 8:06am