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Tuesday 29th September 2020
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Nash Hash 2005

LVH3 Hounds: Antiseptic, Cyberseptic, Bubbles, Forever Blowing, Baldbrick and Upperskirt

Held on 26th to 29th August at Easton College, Norwich

Lune Valley were on the woad...

The Ancient Britons Hash was to be held in the mountains and valleys of Norfolk, well you know what I mean, we found one hill (very steep!) in the middle of Norwich, otherwise it was a weekend of very flat hashes. Our campsite was the edge of a playing field directly adjacent to an enormous field full of very vociferous pigs. What an incredible noise they make when it is nearly breakfast time!!

Friday evening and Easton College in Norwich was a site for sore eyes as 800 hashers gathered in various hues of blue, and those who weren't were quickly painted by others whether they wanted to be or not! A Blue run was run to the pub and back as far as I could gather. Old acquaintances were re-met from Scarborough, Settle, Yorkshire, Wirral and Chester, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Edinburgh, Plympton and Kowloon. Plenty of ale was imbibed, a free bar, you know what it's like? Quick before it runs out - not! An excellent disco and band entertained us until whatever hour we wished.

Some of us made it for breakfast, battled for the remaining working toilets and showers and set off on our respective buses for our chosen runs - sorry we can't report on the ballbreaker or the notorious East Grinstead Shiggy.

Ours was advertised as the Lunatics run so of course we had to do it. Quite a typical LVH3 trail through lovely woodland, cunningly booby trapped with many nettles, thistles and brambles. The circle was seemingly endless until the bus drivers called time. Poor old FB was got in the circle for being an FRB - unbelievable I know! 2 barrels of beer were got through in the circle alone.

Back at base camp there were Hashland Games of various types and of course the cricket, very considerate to provide a giant screen in the bar! Pity the two hashers from Perth, Australia! Saturday evening's highlight was a singer, Emma Hall, and her band - absolutely superb. Fancy Dress was de rigeur, well 50% of us were fully kitted out. FB and Bubbles as Romans and Baldbrick an Ancient Briton with "Romans Go Home" graffiti-ed on his tunic! And no, I can assure you that no-one from the Lune Valley wanted to embarrass the others by taking part in the Naked Run!

Sunday: Best laid plans and all that - Bubbles and Forever Blowing managed to get bus tickets for the popular seaside run but didn't realise that it left 30 minutes before the others, so we missed it! Managed to get on the Norwich City run - just a few pubs with the Scarborough lot so not so bad after all! We got back in time for the GMs meeting, but then your illustrious GM fell asleep and missed it so I wasn't able to back Wirral and Chester's bid for Nash Hash 2007 but then as the vote was 58:4 in favour of Milton Keynes I don't think I would have made much difference! There is talk though of a concerted northern bid for 2009 - Yorkshire are looking at Giggleswick School so we may be asked for help with trails so watch this space!

The Down Down competition was followed by the Cabaret, quite disappointing and nothing to match our previous entry. Guernsey unfortunately saw it fit to repeat their offering from last time. More drinking and more dancing then more sleeping.

Monday dawned with the final hangover run. Some people left early, but the field was probably still some 700 strong, round several cornfields and through woods, amusing many locals before on inning back to the college for the last circle and finally on home!

An excellent weekend was had by all. Go along next time to the land of the Concrete Cows!!

Forever Blowing

Write up by Forever Blowing

Monday 5th September 2005 at 2:55pm