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Sunday 14th August 2022
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«Away R*ns»

Scarborough Steamy Weekend

LVH3 Hounds: Antiseptic, Cyberseptic & Bubbles

Held on 17th September 2005 on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Pickering

Cyberseptic and I were due to arrive in Pickering for 11:00 start but due to unforeseen traffic problems and an average speed of 12.7mph we arrived at 12:30 (what a surprise! - ed) in time to catch the train! Bubbles was there having arrived the night before.

The steam ride with packets of crisps and beer was exciting and I was able to reminisce about the times I rode on steam trains as a child. We disembarked at the next station on the line and after a visit in the cab to meet the engine drivers we set off on the r*n.

The r*n was up and down hills, across fells and rivers and generally very enjoyable. It was also long and included a stream crossing in the woods with a bed of crotch-deep silt - lovely! We arrived eventually at a village where the double decker bus was waiting with lunches. It was cold and just starting to spit with rain. The FRB's were freezing having arrived a while before the main pack and the stragglers and it was a good while before the circle. Bubbles was a gentlehasher and lent me his spare jacket. The circle was good but a bit long for the prevailing circumstances and we all rebelled and got back on the bus.

Cyberseptic and I got off the bus in Pickering and drove to Newcastle barely in time for a concert at the Sage, a bed in FFG's house and the Great North Run next day.


Write up by Antiseptic

Wednesday 26th October 2005 at 7:11am