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Monday 22nd July 2024
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R*n 1 started from the On Inn - Station Hotel, Caton.

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Bubbles - Hare101
Hash Drunk - Hare101
Forever Blowing011
Pick Me Up011
The Confessor011

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Sunday 22nd October 2000 at 11:00am

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Caton - Inaugural Run

Beautiful autumn weather awaited the first run of the Lune Valley H3. A gaggle of a dozen nervous folk gathered in the field behind the Station Hotel (hoping they wouldn't get their wheels clamped!).

The concept and "rules" of hashing were explained to the perplexed crowd who wondered what all this "on on", hash horn and checking was all about. Ross and Harry were particularly excited as they fought tooth and nail tearing each other's hair out, Ross had an extremely good grimace baring his fangs and showing Harry who was boss. (Dogs if you hadn't guessed)

Being very safety conscious (as the experienced hashers among you will know), Fireman Phil brought his big red appliance and hose along as back-up "just in case". We hope to see Phil next time with or without his tackle.

Head Hare started off the proceedings and soon lost Dave and Edward at the first check who decided to go off in search of beer at the Post House Hotel. The wimps quickly gained ground and ran off in the right direction only to be caught out at the next check. The rambos headed off on their marathon run with Mark leading the way with his horn. Unfortunately, he must have looked a rather a strange sight on his own in the middle of a field bugling to the sheep, on his own that is until an irate farmer came running out of nowhere shaking his fists and shouting that he had "a cough" or something similar!! (note to hares to do write "on on" when livestock may be disturbed by the noise).

Meanwhile the wimps were heading up Holme Lane shouting "on-on", scaring a poor man up a ladder fixing a roof. He quickly got down to some serious banging after that, probably thought we were shouting at him to get a move on!

There was lots of shiggy for both wimps and rambos (thick, brown, smelly, sticky mud, to the uninitiated!). The undeterred pack fought on bravely to the bitter end (or was it lager?).

The trail came together again but neither the rambos or wimps saw hide nor hare of each other. It was a close run thing with the wimps beating the rambos back to base by 5 minutes or so. Bubbles, meanwhile, was snoozing in the back of the car with a big furry animal, next time we'll make you run with the wimps!

In true hash tradition the "down-down" were celebrated at the end of the run and several folk were singled out to down the booze in one. The honours of the inaugural down-downs went to Mark the Hash Horn for his marvellous musical talents playing the hills are alive; Forever Blowing for her very first hash and baptism naming ceremony; Pick-me-up for the same; and finally to Rhiannon for managing to troop the hills and dales through shiggy and remain spotlessly clean to the end.

Pick Me Up

Write up by Pick Me Up

28th October 2000 at 5:53am