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Friday 21st January 2022
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R*n 107 location

R*n 107 started from the On Inn - Derby Arms, Witherslack.

Who ran 107? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Hash Drunk - Hare157186
Pick Me Up - Hare157085
Cum Yak Yak13031
Forever Blowing157893

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Sunday 9th May 2004 at 11:00am

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A glorious spring morning; fresh verdant vegetation, blue skies, birds singing. We parked beyond the slightly sorry looking Derby Arms on a little road going nowhere close to the busy A590. Multi-talented, multi-roled Hash Drunk acted as GM introducing himself and PMU as the hares.

We set off up through a nature reserve of limestone rich meadow and woodland on Latterbarrow.  Orchids were too numerous to count against a brightly lit background of cowslips, beautiful blue speedwells and bugle.

Too quickly, we were through this section, but up a road and then up again along a footpath through woodlands, a surpise turn down and into Witherslack.  The Rambos had distanced themselves from the Wimps so much that the Rambo split was not enough to bring us back together, except Baldbrick and his dog-pony.

Refreshments and re-grouping sapped everyone's wish to hurry on the return trail.  The forewarned rickety stile leading nowhere was not  too challenging and a final sprint back to our start point.

Down-downs were as usual awarded according to the whim of our RA (Forever Blowing) and I can't remember what for.

Most of us went for a drink in the pub, but it was between management and the only way it can go is up or close!

Glorious run - you missed out on superb spring flowers Antiseptic.

Write up by an unknown scribe

15th May 2004 at 5:53am