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Wednesday 18th July 2018
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R*n 11 location

R*n 11 started from the On Inn - Hest Bank Hotel, Hest Bank.

Who ran 11? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Hash Drunk - Hare4610
The Confessor - Hare134
Forever Blowing3710
No More Cum156

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On Inn - Hest Bank Hotel, Hest Bank

Image of Hest Bank Hotel, Hest Bank

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 24th June 2001 at 11:00am

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Hest Bank

The hashers set off from The Hest Bank Hotel in hot conditions with the sun beaming down.  The trail started by leading us onto the canal where a check point was waiting.  No More Cum went the wrong way, but quickly came back and we were on the move.  We carried on along the canal towpath and soon came to another checkpoint.  The route wasn't obvious and it took a while to find the right way to go.  However, Forever Blowing had raced off into the distance, leaving the other hashers to find the right way.  The route led on along the towpath and Pudsley managed to attract the attention of two small boys, who told him that a woman had just gone along the canal.

Following the route, the hashers eventually found another check leading them off the canal path (or so it seemed).  Arriving on the side of the road to Carnforth, we lost all sign of the trail except for a mysterious lump of flour, which gave no clues.  No More Cum went back down to the canal and searched around before discovering the true trail and calling everyone back on it.

Along the canal path a bit further, and No More Cum raced off into the distance.  Finally another check appeared.  Pudsley followed the false trail a short way down a hill, whilst everyone else crossed a bridge into Bolton le Sands where they were confronted by a very strange checkpoint.  No More Cum had left no clues as to which way he had taken.  One arrow went out of the village up Ancliffe Lane, Lurch took that one.  One went to the right, Wednesday took it.  And one went to the left, Forever Blowng.  In the meantime, Pudsley and Morticia waited and rested.  Shortly, Wednesday returned having followed a false trail and then Forever Blowing came back after following a trail of sick that seemed to have no end.  So the hashers followed Lurch's route.  Along a seemingly endless Ancliffe Lane surrounded by hedges they ran, Pudsley using the horn to attempt communication with a group of sheep that replied every time he blew it.  Finally they came to a crossroad where there had been a check that No More Cum had rubbed out, so they took the other arrow, down the hill and past the caravan park, into Hest Bank and back to the pub.  The Confessor and Hash Drunk both received down-downs for the cruddy checkpoints at the road to Carnforth and in Bolton Le Sands.


Write up by Wednesday

30th June 2001 at 5:53am