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Tuesday 20th October 2020
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R*n 115 started from the On Inn - Hash Drunk & Pick Me Up's, Caton.

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Hash Drunk - Hare177592
Pick Me Up - Hare177491
Cum Yak Yak13536
Forever Blowing168298
Fugitive Nipple53136
Fur Coat088
No More Cum105363

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On Inn - Hash Drunk & Pick Me Up's, Caton

This was our 2nd visit. We also visited on...


Saturday 31st July 2004 at 10:00pm

Blue MoonR*n 115 »

Lune Valley - Blue Moon Special

10:00pm onon from the Hares' house on this most rare occasion: first time we have celebrated the Blue Moon (second full moon of the calendar month), which only occurs about every 1½ years.  Delighted to welcome Sue, who has hashed before but not enough to be named.  Also extremely honoured to host Tumbling Bill, a member of the KL Mother Hash since 1958, while it was still unique, and continuing his World Genealogy Expedition to chart all the existing Hashes back to the Mother Hash.  At last LVH3 is on the map!!

Torches ready, or those who had remembered to bring them and didn't have to borrow from the Hares, onon, at first around the streets of our beloved mother village (got a bit glazey-eyed here - Tumbling Bill's influence), through the Mill (not metaphorically) and eventually off-road, to the strains of Reveille, played most expertly on the bugle by Gossamer. Maybe not surprisingly, the rendition attracted the attention of a resident pair of horses who, disturbed from slumber, charged the perpetrator, who's eyesight not being that good and it being dark, thought the two close together were a single bull. However, their curiosity satisfied, when they realised we were only Hashers, the horses then turned around and disappeared in the direction of the farthest corner of the field.

Astonishingly, Tumbling Bill kept well up with the pack, which must be testament to Hashing being the ideal way to stay fit and healthy!

Rejoined the streets again, then along Artle Beck, around the cycle path and on inn to the Hares' House, by which time the BLUE MOON appeared to order, so enthusiastic Hashers lined up for team photos mooning (not metaphorically). Circle with downdowns to the Hares, the Visitor & Semivirgin, the JMs for doing a pretty poor job of representing LVH3 at Interhash, Hashers who'd forgotten torches, Hares again for lending a torch that stopped working half way round and several others from the floor that I can't really remember.

Finally, a downdown for Bubbles from his PRESENTATION TANKARD FOR HIS 100TH RUN. Congratulations Bubbles for becoming our first Centurion.

All retired indoors for an excellent chilli, thanks to the Hares, fascinating conversation with Tumbling Bill and of course, more beer.


Write up by Cyberseptic

6th August 2004 at 4:53pm