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Monday 26th October 2020
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R*n 116 location

R*n 116 started from the On Inn - Wilf's Cafe, Staveley.

Who ran 116? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Madge - Hare268
Syd - Hare268
Forever Blowing168399
Fur Coat099
Hash Drunk177693
Pick Me Up177592

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On Inn - Wilf's Cafe, Staveley

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Sunday 8th August 2004 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 116 »


Wow what a scorcher!  A fabulous run from hares "Madge & Syd" starting at the famous Wilf's Café in Staveley.  Not only was the weather hot and steamy but also one or two of the views on the way round as well - read on to find out more.

As 7 on 2 legs and 1 on 4 legs left the car park with Madge to chaperone us we were feeling a little apprehensive as Syd mentioned twice that the beer stops would be "up there".  It was so hot but there was a welcome breeze to cool us down and after numerous paths, fields, woods and stiles we slowed a little as we went up, and up, and up albeit gently at times but still up and enjoying the views all round us from this lovely area.  But alas one of the best views of all as we came over the brow of the hill - the first beer stop!

After being fortified with copious amounts of liquids, oranges and unrecognisable chocolate biscuits we set forth again for more "ups".  Yes you were right Cyberseptic it does get more breezy the higher you climb and encouraged by Madge that this would be well worth while when we got to the top as there would be a swimming pool and ice creams, Pickmeup and I soldiered on in the knitting circle and at last made it.

The ice cream van had mysteriously disappeared but the "swimming pool" was in the form of Potter Tarn and as we rushed towards the water it felt like we had found an oasis in the desert, with Antiseptic paddling with "piranha" fish nibbling her toes and Cyberseptic skinny dipping - fortunately managing to avoid the piranhas!  With everyone cooled down (and suitably clothed) we set off again with assurances from Madge that there were no more "ups".  More great views on our downward journey but not much wildlife to be seen as it was too hot, just sheep in the shade under the trees.

Once more the welcome sight of Syd at the second beer stop also in the shade under a tree. "Only about 10 minutes to the end now" we were told - do Kendal folk have no concept of time?  Following the river and part of the Dales Way we made our way back to Wilf's, taking a little longer than "10 minutes" along somewhat undulating ground at times and tiring fast we made it.  Harry (the 1 on 4 legs) enjoyed a nice shower with a conveniently placed hose pipe from Bubbles as the rest of us were glad to drink anything - most of it warm by now but who cares when you are gasping!  Hashdrunk and Pickmeup made profuse apologies to miss the circle and rush home to entertain the outlaws.

The circle being rather small with 7 of us was brief and had down downs for hares Madge and Syd, Cyberseptic for skinny dipping and me for being "over-dressed - does RA Forever Blowing have a thing about bare flesh showing I wonder?  ON ON went all of us Rambos to Wilf's for more refreshments and not a wimp in sight!

Fur Coat

Write up by Fur Coat

14th August 2004 at 5:53am