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Monday 26th February 2024
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R*n 117 location

R*n 117 started from the On Inn - Toothfairy's, Silverdale.

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Tooth Fairy - Hare31417
Cousin It15657
Cum Yak Yak13637
Forever Blowing1684100
Hash Drunk177794
Lurv Crab022
No More Cum105464
Pick Me Up177693

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On Inn - Toothfairy's, Silverdale

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 29th August 2004 at 11:00am

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This lengthy run through Silverdale was an A to B run, starting from Tooth Fairy (the hare)'s house. A group of about 20 set off, heading down the drive then left and shortly arriving in the woods, and finding the first of several wimps'/rambos' splits. The group wended their way through the woodland, suffering occasional difficulties of finding flour after checks, but managing to cope nonetheless.

Eventually the hashers burst out of the woodland and onto some road, briefly spotting tooth fairy as they went. A short while was spent pounding the tarmac before the hashers re-entered farmland and crossed the railway line, before spending several messy minutes of shouting and searching for an elusive trail. Finally Bubbles came to the rescue and we moved on across the golf course. A small amount of woodland brought us to a road and then the Leighton Moss reserve, which was pleasantly peaceful, as Cyber (or Anti)-septic had ensured that shouts of "On-on!" weren't used for the birds' wellbeing. A gentle but tiring hill led us up a lane from the reserve to a much-needed beer stop. After a refreshing beverage, the party went their separate ways: the Rambos through fields to the left, and the wimps on up the lane. An assortment of terrain led to the group reconvening in some more of the area's famous woodland, and markings confusion once again came about. Eventually pace was gathered again and we moved down into the village and enjoyed a final beer stop.

"Quarter of an hour from here to the end," Tooth Fairy told the Rambos with optimism. So with the thought of rest and a barbecue within running and a minibus drive's distance, we set off with a skip in our step. A few pleasant fields and simple flour-following brought us eventually to a field of an eerie nature. The black ground was rutted, the weeds were long and grew wild, rugged horses stood threateningly before us, their manes billowing in the wind.

"There's no flour," someone observed. The group split and scoured the field; a forensics post was established to determine the last known blobs of flour, sniffer dogs (or Harry) were called in to find the trail. All the while the horses watched on happily, and no one noticed a telltale smudge of white around their mouth. Long-faced bastards. The group eventually left the field via various exits, and rediscovered a trail leading up the busy road, then briefly through some more fields before emerging, tired but victorious, into a car park containing the minibus.

The Circle was postponed until the group arrived back at Tooth Fairy's house, where an excellent barbecue waited. Despite everyone feeling tired and full, it was decided that rounders would be a fun idea, so a game was set up in the field nearby, and the players were valiantly defended from by Hash Drunk's wild arm-waving. All had a fun time, and it was sportingly decided that the game was a draw.

Write up by an unknown scribe

4th September 2004 at 5:53am