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Wednesday 29th January 2020
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R*n 12 location

R*n 12 started from Crofters, Garstang and the On Inn was Addams Family home, Brookhouse.

Who ran 12? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare5611
No More Cum - Hare257
Forever Blowing3811
Hash Drunk4711
Pick Me Up369
The Accused156
The Confessor145
The Judge066

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On Inn - Addams Family home, Brookhouse

Image of Addams Family home, Brookhouse

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 8th July 2001 at 11:00am

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So what happened to the weather??

Who cares! We arrived at the Crofters to find a serious lack of hares - No More cum and Bubbles soon arrived after having been reprimanded at the Little Chef for not waiting to be seated - serves them right for sneaking an extra breakfast.

As the numbers steadily grew, the drizzle held off and we were finally given out orders - "when you go into the water - bear right" what?? Slackbladder with his No 1 haircut offered to take the horn and we were off - suspiciously shadowed by Bubbles - did he not trust us - or not trust the trail??.

Safely across the A6 we had a horticultural tour of the gardens in the sleepy hamlet of Garstang ( we only lost the trail once), before heading over a roundabout, across a car park, past a cricket match and past a "lovely weir" according to the Accused. Sad man. We did spot a pair of abandoned trainers and though about whether they could be used for crossing the water. A few checks later we had travelled up and over probably some "lovely" water works of some deion, and down into the Millennium Gardens of Garstang, past a wooden "dipper" which looked a bit unsteady on his legs and a stone hand, we traipsed through long grass and short grass, round a meadow, through a gate and down what appeared to be a rapidly deteriorating road - sure enough it was a ford, LVH3 went boldly through - depending on the length of legs from ankle up to knees and out the other side.

Once onto the tarmac we were welcomed by a field of frisky cows - one of which got quite excited as she ran alongside us - but refused the fence and we left her charging around her field like a caged tiger. The horn was heard in the distance - and sure enough there he was 15 feet up blowing for all he was worth on a railway bridge - the path seemed to head up to the motorway and we were a bit concerned where this would eventually lead. Slackbladder, being a good sheepdog and wanting to round up all his sheep, waited for us all and even went up the lane to summon back Lurch who had travelled - mile (he said!) on the road. So we all set off over the bridge only to find End of Trail. NO NO!!

Back over the bridge we all retraced Lurch's steps until we met a very smug No more cum , leaning on a bridge checking everyone's feet for wetness (Well folks I have it on good authority that after all this hassle , this man was the only member of LVH3 NOT to have wet feet - when laying the trail, he walked over a bridge - some retribution needed here I think). However he got his comeuppance as he decide to go with the Rambos - Lurch, the Confessor and Slackbladder, unfortunately he had not set this trail and came in well after the others!! Us wimps travelled onto the A6 and the On INN, not a moment too soon for the Judges's Achilles, and the drizzle had certainly set in for a few hours.

Back to a smiling Bubbles we modelled a variety of wet weather gear - Judge and Accused in matching fluorescent work jackets - Judge - flashing at poor unsuspecting day-trippers.

Half an hour later the so called Rambos arrived, apparently cars had parked over the trail - somewhere in Scorton. Shame!!

Down Downs -

  • Slackbladder for living up to his name and helping to water the fine gardens of Garstang. And again for getting excited with this horn on the railway bridge.
  • Forever Blowing for sprinting to the finish.
  • Hash Drunk for bearing his legs to an unsuspecting Lancashire town and being a wimp.
  • Judge and Accused for not wearing their T shirts.
  • Hares for being Hares

We decided not to inflict our beer soaked heads, sweaty T shirts and soaking Trainers on the Crofters and travelled north to prepare ourselves for the Hash BBQ - 4pm came and we descended on the Addams Family for a very convivial evening - plenty of food - thank you so much Morticia and Wednesday, and loads of beer and Slackbladder's Gorse Flower wine - We had a great time - and we hope your neighbours still talk to you, Morticia.

Forever Blowing

Write up by Forever Blowing

14th July 2001 at 5:53am