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Wednesday 19th February 2020
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R*n 120 location

R*n 120 started from the On Inn - Lindale Inn, Lindale.

Who ran 120? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Pick Me Up - Hare187795
The Pat Controller - Hare145
Cousin It15758
Forever Blowing1686102
Hash Drunk177996
Off His Trolley31821
White Noise21618

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On Inn - Lindale Inn, Lindale

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Sunday 26th September 2004 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 120 »


This run started on a quiet Sunday morning in the sleepy village of Lindale. Even the Audi Dealership opposite seemed subdued. The hares were in jovial mood and assured us that the run would be pleasant, not overlong and the weather was organised so that it would be fine. Pick Me Up refused to divulge how she managed this. Upper Skirt, self-conscious about her name, had donned pin stripes for the run. After a quick circle the hares pointed us in the general direction of the trail and within 10 yards we came across our 1st check which offered a choice of 4 routes. The knitting circle were totally unprepared for this check and loitered aimlessly whilst Lurch, Pudsley and Forever Blowing applied themselves to the serious task of trail finding. Eventually Pudsley called On On and the knitting Circle were on trail. However within 100yds we came across another check which caused Lurch much consternation, he had picked up on the return route...

Eventually having been rounded up by the Hares the pack were back on track, but before long White Noise was distracted by white noise and overshot both the Wimps and the Rambos trail and needed calling back. This led us on to Hampsfell where Lurch became even more confused having visited the view point and done his unique version of a Rambo split.

We were reunited at the beer stop, which was an especially good one, where we were offered chocolate caramel digestives and Mr Kipling Almond slices, thank you Thomas Twe. The discussion at the beer stop turned to how to attract people to church going, evidently churches in Manchester are trying to attract people by offering goody bags which contain bars of Fair Trade chocolate and other things. Lurch ventured that they should be renamed Goddy bags. We liked that. At that point our RA, Forever Blowing reminded us of our common purpose, to seek the On Inn and off we went.

The instructions for this section almost had us running up and down one section of road for the whole day. 1st we were told that there would be a Wimps Rambos split but it would be best if we all took the Rambos route as it was off road, safer and more pleasant. What they failed to divulge was that they had made an attempt at setting a 2nd Rambos split which had been unsuccessful due to a barred right of way. Thus we found the trail for the Wimps route but couldn't find the Rambo bit of the Rambo split. Again the Hares turned up in their rescue wagon to explain their trail setting 'technique'.

We were soon back in Lindale after a downhill run.

At the Circle, Down Downs were awarded as follows:

  • The Hares, for an exceedingly good run with an exceedingly good beer stop.
  • Pudsley, for running way ahead most of the time.
  • Off His Trolley, for not admitting to how well he could play the hash horn, shaky at first, but tuneful towards the end.
  • Hash Drunk, for bad manners, he was tucking into a picnic, in the circle and 'singing' with his mouth full. Try not to picture it.
  • Lurch and Cousin It for tired legs.

The Rambo splits were not too long today but Lurch extended them all.

Write up by an unknown scribe

2nd October 2004 at 5:53am