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Tuesday 20th February 2024
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R*n 124 location

R*n 124 started from Ellel Quarry, Ellel and the On Inn was Black Bull, Brookhouse.

Who ran 124? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
No More Cum - Hare125668
Slackbladder - Hare135063
Dangly Bits044
Forever Blowing1687103
Fur Coat01111
Off His Trolley32124
Sideshow Bob088

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Thursday 28th October 2004 at 7:00pm

Full MoonR*n 124 »

Ellel Quarry

Can't think where Ellel Quarry is?  No worries "the gates are floodlit by an enormous fire tender" or at east they were for the keen, enthusiastic, jovial members of Lune Valley Hash.

What a beautiful full moon shone on us as we gathered for the first really dark full moon this autumn. After comparing torches - Office Trolley and No more Cum were a real pair of flashers, we welcomed the merry band who just kept on coming, pouring out of various cars who squished on to the patch of land outside the gates, debating how much clothing would be needed tonight.

As our second hare joined us we were welcomed to the run by the new, zealous mismanagement and the enthusiastic RA Antiseptic couldn't wait to cut her teeth on the poor unsuspecting Dangly Bits - who had been warned about new shoes but for some reason didn't believe her informant.!

So we trooped through the gates and in to the dark and unseen quarry - not knowing what cliff faces and rocks would welcome us - and would we see them before they claimed us as their victims?

We clambered up mounds of sand - what would the quarry workers make of the very regular dollops of flour the next morning? Huge checks and well marked trails saved us from a fate the same as death and we wove our way around the woods and scratchy brambles that decorate this until now unknown part of the Forest of Bowland - I'm sure the views would be lovely in the daylight.

Heading back on to the tarmac it was uplifting to see the bobbing trail of lights in front and behind as we headed back towards the main road and a waiting hare - no beer in sight though.

Across the road and into the fields - we had been warned about imminent shiggy – had they had it shipped in specially - judging by the tide mark on various members' clothing it was nearly up to waist deep - very sloppy and determined to steal our shoes - but we all survived - what a laugh - thanks!!

Returning to the bucket we were warned about the multitude of choruses - or should it be chori - that we will be instructed in for the coming year - luckily we were treated gently for the first night - a simple down down song that didn't take long. The punishments were various - those who admitted to coming because there was nothing on telly, those who had polluted the fair tributaries of the Lune in order to rid themselves of some shiggy and those who had left various hash paraphernalia at home.

An excellent run and I think the Black Bull was pleasantly surprised to have such a crowd of discerning quaffers on a mid week night.


Write up by an unknown scribe

3rd November 2004 at 12:53pm