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Saturday 23rd January 2021
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R*n 143 location

R*n 143 started from Mewith Head, near Keasden and the On Inn was Punch Bowl, Low Bentham.

Who ran 143? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Fowl Scrotum - Hare42024
Old Banger - Hare42428
Bedside Manner189
Forever Blowing17102119
Fur Coat21719
Major Twit22224
Minor Twat21820
Thunder Dick11112

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Sunday 22nd May 2005 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 143 »

Mewith Head

The valley floor at Low Bentham was sheltered, warm and fairly dry when we gathered for a rare A to B run. We didn't realise what lay in store - the start of the run was a long way away. But where?

The convoy led by Old Banger, left the comfort zone and headed upwards into the moors and the mist. 5 mins in the car became 10, which became 15, and then we stopped in a deluge of rain in the middle of nowhere.

"Beware" the hares warned - ahead of you lies bulls, sheep, vicious dogs, open moorland and bog. It's easy to get lost so watch out! And by the way somebody's laid another trail close to ours. The rain lashed down, the wind howled "Lets just find the nearest pub" someone cried. Suddenly a gap appeared in the clouds - the horn was given a good blow and it was "On On".

Up onto the moors we ventured, through some of the area's most magnificent scenery. We marvelled at the splendour of Mewith Head Hall, set in wonderful gardens on the edge of Bowland. Through fields and livestock upto the first Rambo / Wimps split. ThunderDick, Major Twit and Bedside Manner were the only ones to attempt the Rambo route, and they proceeded to miss a turn and take a 1km long detour.

The Beer break was held in the wind and rain next to the Great Stone of Fourstones - where the team was joined by the late arriving senior members of the Addams Family.

Shortly after the restart, the pack was faced by two ferocious ankle-biting terriers. The Hash were worried, but they shouldn't have bothered as Minor Tw*t (aka SuperBarkBuster) started reeling off his repertoire of Barbara Woodhouse impersonations to keep the four legged snappers away.

A difficult open check in open moor caused much amusement before the route turned downhill and headed toward the warmer climes of the valley.

Lurch appeared to make a break for home early, so ThunderDick and Bubbles set off hot pursuit. It turned out that Lurch was trying to get ahead to find a quiet spot for a pee. When Lurch explained what he was doing, the front pack kept an even tighter rein on him to prolong his discomfort - to much amusement!

Down to Lower Bentham we strode via the scenic route through the fields. The sun put in an appearance and the Inn beckoned.

It was a day where the weather started off so foul it was excusable to stay in bed! Those who made the effort to turn up were really rewarded with a great run in great scenery on a well marked route. Well done to the Hares!

Down downs:

  • To Lurch and Morticia for being late.
  • Lurch and ThunderDick who were racing each other and missed a blatantly obvious marking.

The run needs to go in the Hash History books as being the first time Lurch ever declined to do a Rambo Split. Most out of character - wouldn't you agree?

Thunder Dick

Write up by Thunder Dick

28th May 2005 at 5:53am