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Monday 26th February 2024
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R*n 153 location

R*n 153 started from Jubilee Tower car park, Abbeystead and the On Inn was Plough, Galgate.

Who ran 153? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Dickhead - Hare12021
Major Twit - Hare33033
Minor Twat - Hare32528
Bend It022
Feels on Wheels01010
Forever Blowing19109128
Fur Coat22123
Off His Trolley43640
White Noise23133
Wobbly Hooker055

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Sunday 14th August 2005 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 153 »

Jubilee Tower

The On-circle convened at Jubilee Tower on a breezy but very bright Sunday morning with the GM not being able to recall the number of the run. Anyway, who cared that it was run 153 - we were all keen to get off and enjoy more fantastic scenery! Great views of the power station! GM welcomed two visitors from SAD hash (Settle and District) - Halfpint and Brerphil who had decided to trek west in search of pastures new. Before we departed, several hashers had to suffer the embarassment of having to drink beer from their very new (and therefore very clean) trainers - this included one of our guests Halfpint.

Halfpint complimented Minor Tw*t for his fanstastic website and we saw yet more innovation from MT in the form of posters to leave in the car and flyers that had contact details which could be torn off. Thought it a good idea to tell the car thieves that we would be away for some time - only joking MT!

Fortunately the run set off down hill (certainly didn't fancy an uphill start up the side of the fell) and out through a farmyard. First spilt saw both FRBs shouting ON_ON but we decided Bubbles looked most favourable. Had thought we would miss Lurch as he usually does most of the checks but we had Halfpint as the FRB instead. Not only doing the checks, but opening the gates for us ladies - what a gentleman (but perhaps not in them tights)!

First Wimps and Rambos split - also in a farmyard saw the Rambos off across a long field towards the coast. Madge remarked that when we hit the sea we had probably gone too far! Wobbly Hooker broke a nail trying to open a gate and decided to hop over instead - leaving us all to fiddle with the string to let the dogs through. Baldbrick must have been getting in some secret training recently as he was fit as a fiddle and out on front much of the run (pulling Hash Dog instead of being pulled)!

Up the long concrete road, through another couple of farmyards and past a wood mountain and on to the Beer Stop. Good setting of trail by the hares as the wimps had popped out just in front of the rambos. This was a five star Beer Stop - with raspberry ripple ice creams served to all. It included both choclolate hob nobs and a handwashing facility! All that was missing was the deck chairs to relax in - look forward to the Twits and Tw*ts next run as they have a lot to beat next time!

Off we went again (feeling the effects of the ice cream and the hobnobs) across a few fields and onto a mini Hadrians Wall which played havoc with the ankles. The hares had left plenty of text at the stiles and gates to lead us on our way but then resorted to leaving markings in the form of flour bags when they ran out of flour. This was our excuse for missing the proper rambos route and finishing via the road instead of the farmtrack (although us girlies blamed Halfpint as he was the FRB so should have kept us on track)! Still looking for the woodland we were promised by the hares. (that was the wood mountain - Ed.)

Down Downs were given to:

  • the Hares (twice) - once for haring route and the other for leaving litter in the form of the flour bags.
  • Wobbly Hooker for leaving the gate after breaking her nail.
  • Upperskirt, Madge, Feels on Wheels and me (Twisted) for not wearing regulation hash gear.
  • Halfpint and Brerphil for being guests - who then invited GM in to drink with them (some strange tradition in SAD hash apparently).

Finally off to the On Inn (Plough Inn at Galgate) where we sat in the garden and enjoyed some bad jokes from Baldbrick and White Noise.


Write up by Twisted

20th August 2005 at 5:53am