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Monday 26th October 2020
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R*n 158 location

R*n 158 started from the On Inn - New Inn, Yealand Conyers.

Who ran 158? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Cum Yak Yak - Hare34649
Cyberseptic - Hare205777
No More Cum - Hare156782
Forever Blowing19111130
Major Twit33538
Minor Twat32932

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Sunday 25th September 2005 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 158 »

Yealand Conyers

We woke to a wet windy morning but by the time we had arrived at the New Inn at Yealand Conyers, the hares had done their job and there were patches of blue sky.

The fame of LVH3 has travelled far. We greeted visitors from Malaysia, Yap Ean Sin with his wife Julia and daughter Amy.

After a briefing from the hare, we were off. Strangely, some of the paths looked very familiar! We seemed to travel through woodland for ages before finding ourselves at the top of Warton Crag looking at....... the power station!

This is where it all started going horribly wrong. The hares had put a back check at the viewpoint but it proved very difficult to pick up the trail. After much reconnaissance, we decide to do exactly what we'd been briefed and followed the trail back (a long way) until we picked up the way to the beer stop.

After more woodland trails we encountered the Wamps/Rimbo split near to the end. Only Upperskirt and Major Twit were daft enough to do it whilst the rest of us lounged around drinking beer in the car park at the on in.

With only the circle to complete before lunch beckoned, down downs were awarded to:

  • No More Cum, the only remaining hare
  • No More Cum, hash crash and wasting flour whilst setting the r*n
  • Big Yap, Julia & Amy for being visitors
  • Forever Blowing for running an amber traffic light on the way here

Ceremonial duties out of the way, we retired to the New Inn for convivial chat, junior school jokes from Cum Yak Yak and some very nice Beef Baguettes.

Minor Twat

Write up by Minor Twat

1st October 2005 at 5:53am