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Saturday 21st July 2018
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R*n 160 location

R*n 160 started from the On Inn - Silverdale Hotel, Silverdale.

Who ran 160? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Tooth Fairy - Hare62228
Forever Blowing19112131
Fugitive Nipple93847
Major Twit33639
Minor Twat33033
Off His Trolley53944
White Noise33437

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Sunday 16th October 2005 at 5:00pm

Full MoonR*n 160 »


Run 160 and the usual place in Silverdale saw a growing throng of hashers, enhanced by the presence of Madhatter from Denmark "wearing" you guessed it - a mad hat!

Without much ado we hared off in the direction of the shore - only to be called back because we had misunderstood a marking that "we always use in Edinburgh" - a strange ring of flour around a lamppost!

So the false start reversed the pack in cunning manner and we continued until we took another trail thinking it was right coz we found 3 blobs - wrong "we always have 4 blobs in Edinburgh" - pack reversed again!! And so eventually we headed towards the other shore - down by Gibraltar Farm, Rambos going who knows where and Wimps trotting along the rocky shore until a 3 way split eventually led up a nasty steep hill where we were reunited and met by a grinning hare.

On on and we thought we had found the beer stop but it was a deserted hare-mobile so we carried on - getting most confused by a long gap in the flour, some hounds were determined to carry on despite being "on-backed" like mad, they gave up in the end realising that they were finding old flour!  And so the pack was reversed again.

A sinning shortcut across a field (mea culpa) meant that the rest of the pack missed the 3rd W/R split, so Toothfairy was surprised to find that even the wimpiest of wimps had done the Rambo split. We were all rewarded by a slice of fruitcake that the builders didn't want, some tangerines that had spent the week in Morticia's car(!) and a glass or two of Gammel dansk - courtesy of our Scandinavian friend - Skoll!

A quick On Inn to return us to the Silverdale Hotel where some of us had to make a prompt getaway to feed guests.

Down downs were awarded by Asst RA, Baldbrick to:

  • Toothfairy - the Hare
  • Lurch, Morticia & Bitter - No Hash Haberdash
  • Fugitive Nipple - calling on back but not directing those he called!
  • Mad Hatter - the visitor
  • Off His Trolley - shortcutting with Forever Blowing up the bank to get to the top path after getting lost.

Cheers Toothfairy and Madhatter!  Thanks for arranging a stunning moon!

Write up by an unknown scribe

22nd October 2005 at 11:53am