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Monday 26th February 2024
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R*n 17 started from Country Harvest, Ingleton

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Hash Drunk - Hare51015
Pick Me Up - Hare4913
Cousin It112
Forever Blowing41115
The Confessor268

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Sunday 23rd September 2001 at 11:00am

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It was a decent turn-out for this week's hash on a lovely warm morning at the Country Harvest near Ingleton.  A slightly later start and the hashers set off along the A65 towards Kirkby Lonsdale. The route took us off on a road to the right towards Ingleborough. The hares, Hash drunk and Pick me up had apparently decided that we have had it too easy recently as they took us up one of the longest and hardest hills it seemed in the area, but the views were amazing it has to be said. The Confessor caught up just after turning off the A65 after arriving late. The long and winding road up into one of the valleys (don't know which one because I don't have a map!) was a hot climb for the hashers who all at some point resorted to walking.

The grandmaster, Bubbles tried entertaining the motley crew with some horn blowing at frequent intervals and to keep spirits high as we tackled the hill. Down into the valley where the wind was very welcome following a hot climb.

The trail took us off to the right on to a public bridleway which luckily had re-opened after the foot and mouth crisis. The trail came to a farm where there wasn't a check in sight but clearly a choice of directions, so hashers being like we are, we all decided to carry on along the bridleway, that is apart from Wednesday and Jossie who chose to head in the direction of the base.

The rest of us caught up with the FRB's pondering at a road junction wondering what had happened to the trail of flour. Slackbladder goes back to check the trail and it is decided that we go back and go through the farm which was missing a vital check point.

We began the descent back down to base with the sun beating down. It was a road run for a couple of miles then the hares decided to take the trail off-road again through waist height bracken with no obvious path, and then returning to the road a few metres further down from where we left it!

A steep descent into Thornton, a nice village on a hill (legs are hurting by now so just let yourself fly down and hope you don't hit another hasher!)This eventually brought us back onto the A65 again for the home straight back to Country Harvest.

Forever blowing, Morticia and newly -named after the run Cousin IT were picked up by Bubbles because no one had seen them since the beginning!

Down - downs awarded to:

  • Hash drunk - for being a hare
  • Pick me up - for being a hare
  • Morticia, Forever blowing and newly named Cousin IT - for getting a lift back off the GM!
  • The confessor - for taking a mobile on the run
  • Slackbladder - for checking a possible trail when it was obvious that it was a definite false trail.
  • Helen Morphet - for being a virgin hasher
The Confessor

Write up by The Confessor

29th September 2001 at 5:53am