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Tuesday 20th February 2024
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R*n 176 location

R*n 176 started from Public Car Park near Red Bank Farm on seafront, Hest Bank but we decided not to go to the On Inn due to the weather.

Who ran 176? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Fur Coat - Hare33033
No Knickers - Hare167
Feels on Wheels22022
Forever Blowing22122144
Major Twit34649
Minor Twat43842
Tooth Fairy72835

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Sunday 12th March 2006 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 176 »

Hest Bank

Well, having checked first with the Twits and Twots that they were not snowed in by 6 ft snow drifts up "North", Bitter and I set off to get to the hash in Hest Bank. The roads were bad and the motorway down to one lane - that was how bad it was but we continued showing ourselves to be true hashers - none of that wimpy fair weather hashing like in some hash groups we know! (Don't mention South Hams!).

There was a good turn out of hashers on the shore line at Red Bank Car Park - no sea in sight but lots of horizontal snow. The hares "Fur Coat" and daughter "No Knickers" were snuggled into their car with the heater on full scoffing their breakfast but joined us as we all climbed somewhat reluctantly from our warm cars. Upper Skirt seemed intent on starting a snowball fight with the rest of us trying to dodge her aim.

The hares had been clever enough to mix the flour with chilli powder to highlight the trail amongst the snow, however throughout the whole hash, I have to confess I could only see one application under a canal bridge - such was the heavy fall of snow. We were advised of the main route for the trail just in case we never saw any other markings and we set off along the shore en-masse in our weird and wonderful hash gear. CyberSeptics hash hat was very fetching as were Antiseptics hash shorts - worn over his running longs (Could well set a new fashion trend)!.

Having negotiated a stray milk lorry that seemed determined to slow our progress, it was over a stile and across a couple of fields with the blizzard straight into our faces and getting down cracks in our hats, scarf's and the odd thermal suit. We lost the trail and a few of us complied with the executive decision (made by Forever Blowing) to go up the road, however the other half continued on the shore on trail and ended up in front. Up the hill to the canal, we turned left and enjoyed a long run on lovely firm snow - occasionally meeting "normal" people walking dogs and enjoying the beauty of the scenery. Wimps then turned left off the canal following pink chalk directions and Rambo's continued along the canal turning up over a bridge and up through woods at the back of Bolton-le-Sands. I made the mistake of following Bubbles and Lurch as they ran on down the lane to the far side of BLS - completely missing the marked footpath and ended up behind the other Rambo's. Make a note Twisted - don't trust a man in the future - they all lead you astray! Baldbrick was quite taken by the odd looking houses that backed onto the canal, especially the one with a driveway and gate that went straight into the canal, perfect for launching one's boat. Bitter was more impressed with the views of the railway line (those he could see round the hood of his anorak)!

We joined the main A6 North and back towards the shore where we found the wimps freezing their butts off having been waiting for some time for us to return. We had decided to have the circle having waited for Baldbrick and Upper Skirt to return (think they called in for a quick beer somewhere as we didn't have a beer stop due to the weather), however they turned up and got Down Downs for being lost. Other Down Downs went to Bubbles and Lurch for leading me astray (including me for being foolish to follow them)! Hashers seemed pleased with the route and well done to the hares for an excellent route.

Bitter seems for some reason to have built up a reputation for getting lost and would like to thank everyone for being concerned about him today, but seeing as he used to live in the area, even he was ok today and found his way back on the Wimps trail with the help of Minor Twat.


Write up by Twisted

18th March 2006 at 5:53am