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Tuesday 13th April 2021
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R*n 181 location

R*n 181 started from Killington New Bridge, B6256, Killington and the On Inn was The Head, Middleton.

Who ran 181? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Lurch - Hare21103124
Morticia - Hare1686102
Black Pudding011
Feels on Wheels32225
Forever Blowing22124146
Major Twit45054
Odd Balls033
Off His Trolley64551
Tooth Fairy72936
White Noise43943

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On Inn - The Head, Middleton

Image of The Head, Middleton

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Sunday 23rd April 2006 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 181 »


Well what a day, great place and great weather and a great run.

The Westmorland Gazette article continues to have an affect, as 3 virgins turned up. We started with a check, too obvious I thought to be on the path we were gathered on... wrong! So along by the river and a check caused some hash confusion, but more was to be had as some blind old bugger couldn't see quite obvious chalk markings on a gate. Through fields, the pack started to spread out but a sneaky fishhook had the frb's back at the back.

Another check, wrong way again, had us running under a tall disused railway bridge. Where had it been going to and from? Answers a-plenty, whether they were right is anyone's guess. Across more fields and through a farm. another check, wrong again.. (this is becoming a habit I don't like!!) . the trail took us up a small hill with a great viewpoint and as all gathered, the pack was together again.

A wimp/rambo split had all bar Off his Trolley and White Noise being the rambos, the wimps had problems with the signs and so joined us at the drink stop somewhat later. However their matching orange lvh3 t-shirts gave us comfort as we saw them coming over the horizon some miles back!

A welcomed break of liquid and Easter eggs, then off again along a short piece of road and to another check....yes, wrong again! The pack spread out now were deftly brought into a manageable huddle by another fishhook. Not long after we were all back at the start. The wimps being further back had had to fishhook around each other as we had all buggered off thinking we were all there.

Down Downs:

  • the hares for an excellent run
  • the 3 virgins- Celia, from Windermere, who is a tarn bagger I'll have you know ( must be source for a naming there) who kept up well with the pack
  • Emily, from Preston, Celia's daughter and
  • Helen, from Bury, who was up at 6am to be there..10 out of 10!!
  • some blind old bugger for failing to see hash chalk markings

Steve from Leck named Odd Balls

Celia from Windermere (named Pondlife on 10/09/2006)
Emily from Preston (Celia's daughter named Roadkill on 10/09/2006)
Helen from Bury (Emily's friend)

Write up by an unknown scribe

29th April 2006 at 5:53am