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Wednesday 29th January 2020
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R*n 19 location

R*n 19 started from Car park next to the Fire Station, Lancaster and the On Inn was Bombay Balti, Lancaster.

Who ran 19? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
No More Cum - Hare31013
Slackbladder - Hare4913
Forever Blowing41317
Hash Drunk51217
Pick Me Up41115
The Accused189
The Confessor279
The Judge189

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On Inn - Bombay Balti, Lancaster

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 28th October 2001 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 19 »

Lancaster - AGPU

The first AGPU of LVH3 was our first attempt at running in the dark and also the hares first attempt at laying a trail to be run in the dark - as we were all on home territory we survived - though we were all just a tad concerned when the first pub took at least 75 minutes to reach - just how far was On Inn 2 going to be!  Luckily the next 4 were all within the city limits!

So to start at the beginning we gathered next to the Fire Station - The Judge obviously hadn't read her last trash to see what happened to people who wear new trainers - but the dark can hide a multitude of sins!  We were met by an alarming Arab look-alike  - No More Cum complete with tea towel on head and bottle of anthrax powder (what had he done with this co-hare? .. and we actually followed this person?) - we dutifully gave him a 3 minute head start before trotting to Skerton Bridge to find the first trace of trail - we pounded along the Lune already trying out our torches various - ranging from The Accused's big one which he proudly flashed around all night to Forever Blowing's little winky - and of course there were those who didn't seem to think they would need one at all - how wrong they were.

Anyway a few checks later we emerged onto the Canal aqueduct over the river and Caton Road and then promptly lost all sight of trail in the gathering gloom - there was muttering at this point from the hares' so called work friends - Baldcock and Carl no Name about finding the nearest hostelry but we soon decided that there wasn't actually a nearest hostelry - we really were in the middle of nowhere.  At last a weary hasher called us on trail and we tumbled onto the Ridge estate - raising lots of curious calls from the locals - What you looking for? the children all asked - a pub we replied!  (Incidentally road kills of a Heron and eel didn't even raise a titter - see last hash).

Along Derwent Road heading towards LRGS we thought we'd lost trail again - but no Lurch found a microscopic chalk arrow, and we wandered through Williamsons Park in the pitch dark by this point - we had by now decided that our first hunch about going to the Park Hotel was looking more likely.  At last we were treated to some trail that we could see - illuminated by the floodlights of the astro turf at St Martins  and we made our way down Bishops walk to... the Park Hotel - only to find that we had just missed the hares they had gone on to On Inn 2... a swift pint later and it was tie for a sharp exit and on to the Water Witch - where for some reason PickMeUp turned down Bubbles' offer of a shag and the barmaid turned down No More Cum's offer of coming with him.  Definitely time to leave.

On Inn 3 was the Penny Bank where there was much discussion about names for Fireman 4.  Another l-o-n-g trail all the way to the Brown Cow brought much hilarity and we were treated to Slackbladder on the air guitar and drums to accompany his choice of juke box tracks.  Leaving our next destination in code with the landlord we deduced that the 3 Mariners was our next drink.  Here we were regaled with the history of the place by Slackbladder and Hash Drunk was picked up by a solitary cyclist who wanted company.  A phone number was exchanged - we hope they will be very happy together.  For some reason The Confessor looking rougher by the minute wanted to see if his posh torch would work when submerged in his beer - don't ask.

And so to the Bombay Balti where our subcontinent friends looked rather bemused as we took over the place in our co-ordinated running gear,  Bubbles looking the worse for wear by now tried to co-ordinate our ordering and the AGPU was officially open - or could we declare it open when we weren't minuting anything - or something like that I think, Lurch.  A veritable tower of Poppadoms later and we were on to the Down Downs - standing on chairs for all of us.

  • No More Cum and Slackbladder of course - just for turning up really 
  • Pick Me Up for refusing a shag 
  • The Accused "I haven't done anything wrong" Chambers for being a FRB - that definitely needs minuting! 
  • Forever Blowing for not only having a mobile phone - but actually daring to answer it 
  • Then on to the christening of Carl Warburton - much disagreement there was, could it be Flunkey, to commemorate his "being with" Baldcock for the last year - his words not ours, or Doughball - for obvious reasons - but no No More Cum is determined to get the "child loving" side of his friends recognised, to trick the firewalls of various emails we settled for P-dough (say it out loud) and the man was duly christened.

And so eventually after food and drink the new GM was dobbed in by the old Playground game of Spuds in. Hash Drunk emerged the victor and he promptly tuned into Mussolini with his sidekick RA Hitler aka No More Cum. Will we survive - I think so! - your new Hash Mismanagement is noted elsewhere.

As we weren't minuting anything the AGPU didn't finish at 10.20 but we did all have to dash to the John Of Gaunt to catch last orders.  Here Forever Blowing was asked if she had won the Tankard for a running race - how wrong could they be!

Well we all eventually made it home and survived to run again - On On to Year 2 and Run 20.

Forever Blowing

Write up by Forever Blowing

3rd November 2001 at 5:53am