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Saturday 6th June 2020
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R*n 191 location

R*n 191 started from Quarry Wood car park, Beacon Fell and the On Inn was Green Man, Inglewhite.

Who ran 191? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bitter - Hare53641
Twisted - Hare53540
Bedside Manner32427
Chemical Alley112
Cum Yak Yak35659
Forever Blowing23133156
Fur Coat33437
Major Twit45559
Minor Twat64854
No More Cum167894
Thunder Dick32528
Wobbly Hooker077

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On Inn - Green Man, Inglewhite

Image of Green Man, Inglewhite

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 23rd July 2006 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 191 »

Beacon Fell

This remote run in the far south was preceded by a lengthy trek down the motorway to the vicinity of perhaps Birmingham or even London before we found the hilltop retreat at Beacon Fell that claims to be still in Lancashire. What the hashmap didn’t tell us was that the entire hill is encircled by a fortification known as a one way street thus preventing any outsiders penetrating its defences.

Arriving early from distant Cumbria your scribe found many lost souls endlessly circling the hill looking for flour!

Eventually a circle was found within the circle and a motley crowd of hashers assembled for the On-On.

The hares announced that the run included a visit to an ancient monument, which brought groans from those who thought we had enough ancient monuments in the pack already. They said it was originally not a long run but had been lengthened indeterminately by the hares getting lost while setting the run.

At the cry of ‘On On’ the pack searched for flour and found the trail blatantly ignoring the one way system and circling the hill anti-clockwise.

A check led down the hill and into farmland where we soon passed the ancient church of St Eadmer and arrived at the ancient monument.

Always looking for circles, the pack rushed into a small wood and found a circle said to date from the Bronze Age. They formed a circle around the circle to inspect it closely.

Surprise, Surprise! The Bronze Age circle consists of 11 posts made of concrete, with steel lifting eyes for ease of installation. Clever, these ancients! The notice said it dated from 1900 to 1720 BC – obviously a misprint for AD. The circle also had strange ancient markings in woad (or were they hash arrows in purple chalk?)

If anyone wants to know more (which hashers clearly won’t) they can refer to this link.

At a cry of On On , the pack left the bronze age and leapt into the 21st century by heading for a hill populated by strange flying machines. Sadly the hare declined to provide hang gliders to continue the route and ancient legs had to struggle on.

There were two beer stops, one with beer and one without and there were two Rambo-Wimp splits both before the beer.

Towards the end the co-hare was seen remonstrating with an irate farmer’s wife trying to apologise for numerous hashers tramping through the farm on what was obviously not a footpath. She then promptly got lost again and couldn’t find the trail she set when lost the first time round.

Luckily the hashers all found the trail and returned to the hilltop for the last of many circles of the day.

Down Downs were given to numerous defaulters including:

  • The hares (3 times) once for being hares, once for getting lost setting the run and again for getting lost during the run
  • Wobbly Hooker & Wednesday for not wearing hash haberdash
  • No More Cum for polluting the trail
  • Highway for allegedly crashing (actually walking through brambles after the run!)
  • Phil (not yet named) for (perhaps) being a virgin

And finally On to the Green Man in Inglewhite where good beers were had by all.

Write up by an unknown scribe

29th July 2006 at 5:53am