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Tuesday 13th April 2021
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R*n 193 location

R*n 193 started from Village Hall, Barbon and the On Inn was Barbon Inn, Barbon.

Who ran 193? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Minor Twat - Hare74956
Odd Balls - Hare167
Feels on Wheels42731
Fur Coat33639
Major Twit45761
Off His Trolley64955

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Sunday 13th August 2006 at 11:00am

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The weather looked a bit gloomy with rain threatening as we all gathered at Barbon Village Hall car-park. The gloom deepened as the hare explained that there were "some steep bits", and "some bits where you might feel like you're going on forever, but you won't be", and "some quite cold bits, but they won't last long". We welcomed our visitors Homobile and Bandcamp from Boston USA, and newcomer Approbateur from Lancaster, and I pointed out to all present that I was, in fact, wearing a Hash t-shirt on this ocassion, and expected Brownie points for this.

We all set out in good spirits, following a well marked trail out of Barbon village and up onto the fell. After a brief interlude milling about in a large field where we lost trail, we came to the first split. The Rambo's route took us up onto an lovely old drover's road, which had several of the Andrew Goldsworthy Sheep Folds along the way. All this Hashing and and culture too! We gathered at the place marked for a Hash Halt, but as the wimps had failed to wait for us we proceeded to the first  (very welcome) beer stop. Next came the second split with the Rambos facing some of those famous"steep bits", which in fact was one prolonged steep climb up to the top of Barbon Low Fell. The view from the top was (just about) worth the pain, and then it was a welcome descent to Bull Pot and around the back of the fell to the second beer stop (even more welcome). The trail then led us through the woods around Barbon Hall, across the hill-climb track, past the Church and back to the car-park. It only took us THREE HOURS!!!

The nice chef at the pub had stayed on for us, so after a mercifully brief circle it was on-on to the Barbon Inn and chips, chips, chips.

Band Camp and Homobile from Boston, USA
Approbateur, ex Helsinki H3

Feels on Wheels

Write up by Feels on Wheels

19th August 2006 at 5:53am