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Monday 26th February 2024
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R*n 208 location

R*n 208 started from the On Inn - Plough at Eaves, Cuddy Hill.

Who ran 208? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bitter - Hare74249
Twisted - Hare74148
Cousin It46569
Forever Blowing25141166
Major Twit46670
Master Baker11617
Minor Twat75663
Off His Trolley75865
White Noise55055

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On Inn - Plough at Eaves, Cuddy Hill

Image of Plough at Eaves, Cuddy Hill

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...


Tuesday 26th December 2006 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 208 »

Cuddy Hill

Ho ho ho - Boxing Day run time again. Any excuse to dash about the countryside in a silly hat. So, all of those who had read the website, including Richard, a welcome visitor from Leamington Spa (His parents live at Ingol!), set off on their merry way; but Antiseptic and Cyberseptic who were a year behind the times, waiting at Scorton, caught us up later.

I can't remember the route, but it was lovely, through some fields, along the canal, a bit of road, just what we needed after the over indulgence of Christmas. White Noise was very pleased with herself when she actually did her first fish hook! She was heard to comment, during the inspection of the proposed new hash tops (very kindly modelled by Antiseptic in the pub) that they would do a good job of soaking up all her sweat whilst she was running!

No beer stop today - straight back to the pub to partake of post Christmas fayre, following the circle which saw down downs as follows:

  • The 'models' from the Cumbria magazine (Myself, Cyberseptic, Minor Tw*t and Forever Blowing) strutting our stuff throughout our down down
  • Bitter, for pretending to be GM at the start of the r*n
  • Richard, who became SpaDickUs (tenuous link being Richard from Leamington Spa running with Us - you know the drill!)
  • Wednesday, Cyberseptic, Pudsley, Spadickus and Forever Blowing for showing off and looking like proper runners by wearing shorts
  • Major Twit, for stupidly admitting that she doesn't read the write ups (so why am I bovvering!) shame on you, GM!
  • The Septics for going to Scorton when the r*n was at Eaves - 'hadn't bothered to go into Cyberspace to find out! Ho ho ho!

Happy New Hashing year

On on into 2007


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1st January 2007 at 5:53am