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R*n 21 location

R*n 21 started from Windermere Marina, Windermere

Who ran 21? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare71118
The Confessor - Hare3811
Atomic Caton022
Cousin It145
Forever Blowing41519
Hash Drunk51419
Pick Me Up41317
The Accused1910
The Judge11011

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Sunday 25th November 2001 at 12:30pm

DaytimeR*n 21 »

Windermere - Exodus of the lost

Further afield for this run - Windermere Marina - clear location details given including map.

Arrived 12.30, or so, to find only five others waiting, Bubbles, Forever Blowing, The Judge, The Accused and The Confessor. The later time was set to accommodate Slackbladder after his morning conference. Couldn't understand what had happened to him, assumed the conference had overrun and he couldn't get out. The Accused was unable to run due a poorly stomach from too much beer and not enough food the night before (a definite down-down had he been capable!) Waited until 1.00 and no-one else arrived, so off we went.

The rain earlier made setting difficult and hares thought it best to shepherd us cos they were concerned the heavy rain had washed the markings away. Obviously they were worried about having enough money for a pint and had gone easy on the flour!

Not far into the course it seemed we were heading for the wettest hash run ever when it dawned on us that we didn't have to swim the lake and were being led to the ferry. Nice easy start but false sense of security - just out of ferry nab the path soon started to f****** climb up through the b****** wood and got very f****** b****** steep until we were totally f****d. Not made any easier by false trails which muggins had to scout and naturally went back down the f****** b****** hill again. But Antiseptic was in great form and was soon out of sight a few thousand feet above us. We could just here a faint "on-on" now and again.

Out of the woods at last and crowned the hill, cream crackered, Antiseptic waiting at the top soaking up the magnificent views over Windermere. Bubbles gathered us around to explain that he wanted us all to go through his private parts and that while we were going through them he wanted none of us to say a word lest we be caught, as it was probably very private. Slightly non-plussed but curious we followed him into the woods and the fun really began. After overnight rain the "path" was so f****** wet and s****** well muddy that before long we were up to knees in s****. Surprise surprise! Millions of gallons of mud later we rambos split off. The Confessor was very thoughtful and didn't make us run through the beck but let us over the bridge, heard to say he wouldn't be so thoughtful again. To welcome relief arrived on tarmac and squelched into Near Sawrey to the pub. Wrong again!

This was not the pub stop! In the far distance we could just make out the word INN on the side of a white building in Far Sawrey where, unbeknown to us, the wimps were already arriving and DIDN'T EVEN LINE UP THE PINTS!! On closer approach and last gasps, saw vultures circling overhead (common buzzard in fact). It was slightly puzzling that, although there was plenty of room at the INN and we were exactly a month early, we still had to be accommodated in a stable, but considering the state we were in it wasn't surprising. After refreshment the Judge went on-on in the lead back to the ferry. We were astonished at her amazing burst of speed, but when we arrived found The Accused already there - speed explained!!

Ambling back to the cars at Windermere Marina (ref map etc) met a Lollipop and family who had obviously wanted a quiet walk so had gone to Bowness Marina instead, along with Hash Drunk, Pick Me Up, Atomic Caton (just named on the day) and Slackbladder!! This was despite the map showing the start location south of ferry, not north. Easy mistake, NOT! (Bowness = north of ferry, begins with a B, Windermere = south of ferry, begins with a W!) Bubbles heard to mention that he had never known a hash run where half the 'oh yes we'll be there' gang went to the wrong place. Especially as the time had been set to accommodate Slackbladder.

Seriously though, a seriously great run and seriously great pub. Well done hares!

Cyberseptic and Antiseptic 

PS - And lo it came to pass that the fame of the run had spread even unto those who had not sat at a Bowness boatyard complete with crane.  And so on Advent Sunday the hare that is called Bubbles travelled again even unto Windermere Marina to set the run for the second time of asking.

Hope you all enjoyed it guys!

And from our beloved leader of the lost tribe:
What happened on the 25th Nov at the On-On:
Several bemused Hashers turned up at what appeared to be the location shown on the map - outside the marina next to the crane. After a while it become obvious that something had gone badly wrong and that the actual On-On was elsewhere. Slackbladder ran of to check out a likely location but found no-one. We couldent raise anyone by 'phone so in the end (about 13:30) it was decided by unanimous decision to retire to the 'Hole-int-wall' pub. Outside there was a nice hot brazier burning so we had some Down-Downs awarded to:

  • Virgins - Jane & Jo Lollipop
  • Naming ceremony: Helen was christened 'Atomic Caton'

We then retired inside for more refreshment and the G.M was also given another Down Down for having difficulty finding my mouth (wasting beer down my front).

What happened on the 2nd December

At the second attempt and with Bubbles help we managed to find the correct location this time.

The run was set by a 'Live Hare' and after we crossed to the other side of the lake we gave Bubbles a 10 minute start before setting of up a very steep climb. Good weather was provided which we managed to enjoy when we got to the more level part of the trail. There was lots and lots of shiggy which we were not prepared for. Part of the way through the run Slackbladder got into conversation with some OAP's and assured them that we were not a) Fox hunters b) Druids but something far worse.

We eventually came to the Wimps and Rambos split which seemed to be a short On-Inn for the Wimps. Pudsley decided to prove his rugged manhood by
choosing the Rambo option.

The On-Inn was at some Pub where Down-Down's were awarded to:

  • Bubbles - For being a hare and for not warning us about the shiggy
  • Slackbladder - For scavaging Chewits
  • Pudsley - For being a Rambo.

On-On Hash Drunk

Hash Drunk

Write up by Hash Drunk

1st December 2001 at 5:53am