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Friday 21st September 2018
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R*n 220 location

R*n 220 started from the On Inn - Haverthwaite Railway Station, Haverthwaite.

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare37150187
Forever Blowing - Hare26148174
Full Member167
Major Twit57580
Master Baker12829
Minor Twat96473
Thunder Dick42933

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On Inn - Haverthwaite Railway Station, Haverthwaite

Image of Haverthwaite Railway Station, Haverthwaite

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Sunday 22nd April 2007 at 11:40am

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"I don't sell many singles to Lakeside" the girl at the ticket office mumbled, "People usually want to come back".

"We're running back", I replied.

"You're mad" she said.

Standing nearby was a bloke in running kit with a tartan hat on and a big horn on a cord slung around his neck. We looked at him for a moment."You may be right", I agreed.

It was peeing down, and we were waiting to board the Prehistoric Pendelino to the mecca of Lakeside. We had a one way ticket. Our route back was a mystery. The train "chooed", Twisted "chooed" back. Baldbrick blew his horn. The five year old girl at the end of the carriage, sitting with her family on a grand day out ordered us to "grow up".

The steam train pulled out of Haverthwaite, and we were off. Ten minutes into the journey, MasterBaker announced he was bored. Upperskirt started a game of "Eye-Spy" (or was it an IQ test?).

"I spy something beginning with S', questioned Upperskirt. Baldbrick paused for a moment. "Water" he replied confidently.

Eventually we arrived in Lakeside, and the run began. Up into the woods we ran. Through spruce forests and up steep slopes, until we arrived at the Tower on the top of Summer Side Knott. Mysterious, haunted and vacant, the tower seemed in need of habitation. Lurch's mind moved into overdrive, wondering how he could relocate the family from Brookhouse to the spooky tower at the top of the hill. What goes up, must go down. That is exactly what happened to the FRBs who missed a mark whilst gassing, and ended up losing 100m of previously hardly earned height.

A kilometre later and the Hash were reunited. The FRBs hit the front once again, only to miss another blatant turn. The wet weather was playing havoc with the radar. Next stop, the lovely little hamlet of Town End, where we hit the road, and were immediately pointed down a track past a delightful shrubbery (trying to keep Bubble's Pythonesque theme running from the last write up).

After the welcome beer break it was down through the woods to Backbarrow. Through Backbarrow village on the road, and then sharp right under the railway and back off into the woods again heading up another steep hill. Along through forest tracks we ran, with what would be great views back over to Bigland (you had to employ a bit of imagination due to the low lying mist). Then it was back down through the woods to Haverthwaite Station, thoroughly soaked, but totally satisfied.

Thunder Dick

Write up by Thunder Dick

28th April 2007 at 6:33am