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Tuesday 20th February 2024
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R*n 23 location

R*n 23 started from the On Inn - Littledale Road, Brookhouse.

Who ran 23? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare81220
Forever Blowing - Hare51621
Atomic Caton044
Cousin It156
Hash Drunk51621
Pick Me Up41519
Sideshow Bob033
The Accused21012
The Godfather011
The Judge21113
Who's My Mum?011

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On Inn - Littledale Road, Brookhouse

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 23rd December 2001 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 23 »

Brookhouse - The Santa Run

A record number of hashers assembled at No 18 - members and guests, deposited food and drink, downed a swift sherry to warm the cockles and piled into the mini bus for the trip up the hill towards the Clougha Access area.

After a few brief words from our hare and GM we set off down the hill hoping that the snow wasn't going to confuse the flour trail. The rambos quickly reached the split and set off where dogs are not allowed and returned just behind the wimps as we trip trapped trip trapped over the rickety bridge.

Several checks led us through a farm and fields and down through the woods - several slippery slips caught various hashers unawares although some younger Addams family members were disappointed that there wasn't more snow and had even brought bin bags to toboggan on. A further wimps/Rambo split later we stumbled upon Littledale Hall and tunnelled through the Rhododendron and Bamboo to emerge on the lawn and across the drive, behind the barns and past the chapel onto Littledale Road, Sideshow Bob was the gentlemen holding the gate open for the ladies. Slackbladder did his sheep dog trick to round up stragglers Jossie and Morticia, eventually we were greeted by Bubbles who collected two hashers to return to base - no names no pack drill! - while the rest of us trotted down to home with a diversion through the fields which confused several with no local knowledge!

Mulled wine greeted us all for a large circle on the patio the deputy RA stepped in with glee and gave down downs to:

Virgin hares: Alex, Robin, Frances and Dorothy, Biohazards - Antiseptic, and Pick Me up, Baptism of Gossamer aka Jossie, Thumbs up to Mini Rambo Pudsley,
Bluff on on call from Sideshow Bob, Atomic Caton for not reporting the down downs in the last trash, Bubbles for causing PTSD to Slackbladder.

And many more but it was last year and I can't remember!

Many hours later after much food and beer we collected to play Pass the Bomb, so we now know who can't spell- Cyberseptic!

The day finished about 6pm, we must do this again sometime!

Write up by an unknown scribe

29th December 2001 at 5:53am