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Wednesday 18th July 2018
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R*n 237 location

R*n 237 started from the On Inn - Wheatsheaf, Beetham.

Who ran 237? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Cum Yak Yak - Hare46670
No More Cum - Hare1791108
Full Member21315
Fur Coat64652
Major Twit68490
Master Baker24345
Minor Twat107282
Off His Trolley86775
Thunder Dick53439
White Noise65965

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Sunday 23rd September 2007 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 237 »


The Adams family were late for a reason this run: Morticia's trainers looked suspiciously new and we hoped that the pack would be on its way without noticing. No such luck: eyes swiveled downwards and Morticia's protestations fell on deaf ears, not at all helped by the pristine price tag evident on the heel. Down down!

Other haberdash wonders included Highway's sou-wester (Fisherman's Friend as he was later dubbed) and Office Trolley's wonderful cagoule (he missed the post-run circle)

Cum Yak Yak was nominated by No More Cum to describe the trail. We understood that it was going to have an open check and a closed check and a beer stop. Which would come first?

Off across verdant pasture seeking higher ground than the cattle and into the Fairy Steps woodland. We circled and came up Fairy Steps coated in Fairy Liquid to challenge even the fleet of foot. Thereupon we came upon miniature firemen in a sylvan glade. Several on branches, one in a hammock and one under a tent framework ready to advise on domestic incidents.

“Do you remember the last run No More Cum set around here in the dark?”
“No, I wasn't there.”
“Well we got rounded up with a man with a gun when we were on private land”

Bubbles and Thunderdick revealed mendacious ways by announcing a fishhook when there was a T. What some people do to be FRBs.

The beerstop came and we passed a mighty long time without appearance from the Wimps, so off we set once more. Thunderdick setting a ball-breaker pace up a hill, Twot in hot if short-lived pursuit and David (the spy from Dallam) a more paced follower.

Back into woodland, across Marble Quarry and the final fields to Beetham and off-words with a dog-owner about flour. There we learned about fireman's maps. When the emergency sounds, they print off a few pages of water-soluble tissue paper with the map. They search frantically for sellotape and then wonder what's a road and what's the parish boundary. A hint of rain or spray from a hose and they are done for!

Allegedly Baldbrick did something to a tree and it shed a branch, some members were fouling trail (is that a pun?) and Spudicus committed a crime (didn't quite catch what it was though).

Anyway nice run – thanks. Lurch.


Write up by Lurch

29th September 2007 at 5:53am