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Saturday 21st July 2018
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R*n 239 location

R*n 239 started from the On Inn - Queens Head Hotel, Troutbeck.

Who ran 239? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Chemical Alley - Hare369
Highway - Hare67177
Cum Yak Yak46771
Full Member21416
Loose Elastic167
Master Baker34447
No More Cum1792109

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On Inn - Queens Head Hotel, Troutbeck

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Sunday 14th October 2007 at 11:00am

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I woke up at 8 in the morning, because I went to a party the night before and slept over. I was already tired and didn’t feel like running. Dad drove us in the car to The Queen’s Head (pub). We were very early, way before anyone else. Then finally lots of people started to show up. The hares mentioned that there were some closed and open checks, one beer stop, an A to A run and one fish hook. We were then told to go and head off the direction the run was set. I had an energy boost and immediately got up and running. We then came to an open check, but already were lost.

Then shortly afterwards we found the trail. I realised there was going to be some up hill so I took a breath and got on with it. I felt even more tired, because I used all of my energy up at the beginning. We went up one extremely large hill that seemed like it kept on going forever! I kept on wishing that I was at the top instead of being at the bottom. Then I dragged myself up the hill, until I reached the top. I began to fall back, until I was the last one. But fortunately I became the first; the reason was, because a front runner found an “ON INN!” sign at the bottom of the hill. We had only been running for a quarter of an hour and I already wanted to go and follow the “ON INN” sign. So I had to run down the steep hill that I just had climbed until we reached the bottom again.

We had to run down and figure where we had gone wrong. We then turned left into a forest where my dad led us wrong. As I ran, I was panting like a dog longing for the beer stop. We went up another hill, then my dad ran with me until we got to the beer stop. Because we were late arriving, we were behind setting off again.

Dad and I ran. We talked about what subjects at school I enjoyed and what I have been doing. There were loads more hills and I soon wanted to give up. It was very tiring. We had to go up the steep hill that we went up the first time, to reach the A site. We went up the steep hill, until we reached the top. Dad kept on wanting me to run, but I was so tired. Every time I did run, he would say, “Nearly there now!” So finally we reached the A site and then the circle began. Dad got a down- down for doing something wrong, but I wasn’t listening properly, because I was so hungry. When we finally reached the pub, it turned out that they didn’t sell chips! I was so disappointed, but dad said he would make chips with gravy some other time, to make up for the inconvenience.

Cum Yak Yak

Write up by Cum Yak Yak

20th October 2007 at 5:53am