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Monday 18th October 2021
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R*n 25 location

R*n 25 started from the On Inn - New Inn, Wray.

Who ran 25? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
No More Cum - Hare41115
Slackbladder - Hare51318
Atomic Caton055
Cousin It178
Forever Blowing51823
Hash Drunk61723
Moby Dick011
Pick Me Up51621
The Accused21113
The Confessor31013
The Judge21214
Who's My Mum?033

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Sunday 27th January 2002 at 12:00pm

DaytimeR*n 25 »


A midday start to this hash had several of our group foxed but eventually and after a short ceremony to christen our guest Richard's brilliant white trainers a  very healthy turnout of 21 set off on what was to become our longest outing to date.

Almost immediately the hash was all over  the place as the front runners completely missed a check and the pack assumed they were 'on', they weren't. The hash reassembled and sent the finest and fastest out hunting for trail which was located in the most unexpected direction.  This should have been a clue for things to come but the hash was clueless and repeatedly expected trial to lead us nicely in a loop back to the pub when in fact the cunning hares seemed intent on finding every bit of shiggy between Ingleton and Lancaster.

Across fields, styles, hills and dales without any tarmac until Hornby and then only to cross the road heading towards Lancaster on the wrong side of the river.  Even those with local knowledge were fooled as trial seemed to take us into areas with no sensible way back. Until that is a guest Dave Murray having already assimilated the particular cruelty of the hares decided that the very boggy wet bit may be where the trail was to lead us.

He was right so Bubbles, Judge, Pudsley and Gimlet  returned from the safe dry footpath leading nowhere to join the water splash from the Wennington across to the Lune.

The route then took us upstream alongside the Lune with good running until the first W/R spilt.  Front running rambos including Lurch  had stopped here to consider the split which seemed to involve even wetter feet with a choice of wading under Loyne bridge for the Rambos or a nice easy by pass for the wimps, all was held up until one intrepid hasher smelling beer nearby plunged in to be rewarded with a short loop to the beer stop. The wimps had an untested ladder to ascend declared "tested" by the accused who was the last man over. The shenanigans at this split were covertly observed  by the hares who had already poured the beer by the time the front runners arrived.  The beer stop was brilliantly placed for rain or shine at a wartime pillbox (the good people of Hornby clearly having decided that the German advance may get this far but no further!!  )   The time delay before all the wimps were in allowed copious amounts of alcohol to be consumed which impaired the judgement of the GM as he then allowed himself to be cajoled into joining the rambos for the rest of the days outing. BIG MISTAKE

Lurch, Bubbles, Confessor, the GM, and guests Dave Murray and Richard proceeded on a very roundabout and arduous route back to Wray via various muddy meadows, although for a short time at least we were able to here Gimlet  calling on on for the wimps who did not seem to be getting it any easier having done battle with the motorbikes on Hornby road and climbed Mount Everest to a barn where a rest was needed to wait for the backchatters. W/R rejoined each other in good time for the long run "On Inn" and some 2½ hours after starting the first beers were sunk in the New Inn.  Everyone was cold  and the mood slightly subdued until beer and curry started to warm up the atmosphere, the landlord has several good beers on the go although for some reason the best of these Castle Eden and Cracker were a secret.

During the circle all guests were acknowledged in the usual manner, hares were doubly rewarded for their efforts as hares and for being a tight bastard (Slackbladder) and an illiterate - "is that the right word" - bastard (No More Cum)  the GM was dobbed in for being a biohazard and for trespassing along with PickMeUp - you're my wife now!!! Gossamer and friend Alex.

Another longstanding hash tradition was introduced to our new but now desensitised hash as a not so very clean T shirt was provided to Slackbladder for safe keeping until another should be deemed unworthy.


Write up by Bubbles

2nd February 2002 at 5:53am