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Monday 26th February 2024
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R*n 255 location

R*n 255 started from the On Inn - George Hotel, Orton.

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Full Member - Hare32124
Bedside Manner43640
Feels on Wheels85765
Loose Elastic2911
Master Baker55863
Minor Twat118293
Off His Trolley97382
Tarty Totty279
Thunder Dick53944
White Noise76572

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On Inn - George Hotel, Orton

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 9th March 2008 at 11:00am

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Considering the dire weather forecast, it was a surprisingly large band of happy hashers that gathered outside the famous chocolate factory in Orton for the start of the run. Despite desperate pleading from some, we were not to be allowed inside to purchase chocolate until the run had been completed. Our lone hare, Full Member, gave us a brief description of what to expect, and a not-so-brief local history and geography lesson. I was guilty of the sin of talking (allegedly) during class, and was punished by being appointed scribe, (despite not being the last to arrive).

Off we went through the lovely little town of Orton, acquiring two local youngsters on the way. Our trail led us out into the surrounding countryside, with plenty of opportunity for both closed and open checks. What a busy little hare FM had been! There was a steep climb to some limekilns just before the beer stop, with a cruel fish-hook at the top that was worthy of the Septics. Oh, how we laughed as we slogged down the hill and back up again, to greet the hare with a merry word and jest. It was a good job that he had provided us with chocolate Easter bunnies, or blood might have been shed.

The second half took us up onto the fantastic limestone pavement above Orton, and then down via a lovely long grassy descent back to the village. Having run with dry feet so far, FM ensured that we had a brief but meaningful encounter with some nice deep mud just before getting back. Oh, how we laughed again!

Back at the circle we all agreed that FM had worked hard all on his own to give us a great run with lots of nice views and variety. There were no visitors or virgins, and not many Down Downs. However, the best Down Down for long time was FM. Thunderdick asked him if he was coming on the Good Friday hash, and he replied, “When is that?”

After the circle, we visited the local pub, where we had a very friendly welcome from the landlord. Highway and Mrs. Highway even had their own little table, complete with candle and flowers, brought through from another bar as the rabble had taken all the available space. What a splendid day.

Feels on Wheels

Write up by Feels on Wheels

15th March 2008 at 5:53am