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Tuesday 25th February 2020
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R*n 256 location

R*n 256 started from Summit of Clawthorpe Lane, Burton-in-Kendal and the On Inn was Thunderdick & Bedside Manner's, Burton-in-Kendal.

Who ran 256? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bedside Manner - Hare53641
Thunder Dick - Hare63945
Feels on Wheels85866
Forever Blowing29162191
Full Member32225
Fur Coat64854
Major Twit896104
Master Baker55964
Tooth Fairy103848

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On Inn - Thunderdick & Bedside Manner's, Burton-in-Kendal

This was our 2nd visit. We also visited on...


Friday 21st March 2008 at 3:00pm

Full MoonR*n 256 »

Burton-in-Kendal - Good Friday R*n

Hello yet again hashers, yer old mate Baldbrick scribing again. Well this was run 256 set by Thunderdick and Bedsidemanner, she of the lovely buns.

We started from the top of a hill near Farleton crag. Never a good feeling leaving your car on top of a hill because you know you are gonna have to come back up for it.

We set off in good spirit over the fell, the trail well laid, the weather very fair. We went up a bit then down a lot, I did tell you we started on top of a hill, plenty of checks, one of which saw Toothfairy go from frontrunner to a searchparty candidate, she seemed to be missing for days.

Down off this hill we went through lots of gorse, much of which was coming into flower, when we lit upon every hashers worst nightmare, a fffcuking fishook, Thunderdick is now officially one of the fascists of the hash. I of course obeyed the fishook impeccably, to do otherwise would be a disgrace. Once past this abomination of the hash we finally hit flat ground, and you guessed it, the Lancaster to Kendal canal, once more on the towpath and on to the beerstop. Thunderdick assured us we were over half way but me thinketh he smileth too much for my liking. We didnt stop for long cos it was too cold and the storm clouds were gathering.

Off we went up country lanes and into some pleasant fields and that was when the shit hit the fan, the sun slowly went out, the wind whipped up, the hailstones came down, the flour started to disappear and hashers started looking for loo rolls. I blew my hash horn like Joshua outside Jericho afraid that we might lose tailenders in the storm, but God looked down and smiled upon us, he sent the storm away and brought back the sunshine and the hills looked gorgeous bathed in it. On up one last steep lane back to the sanity of our cars. Everyone agreed sod the circle and lets get the flock off this mountain.

Down and down we went to Thunderdick and Bedsidemanners lovely home to enjoy warmth, tea and Asdas entire stock of hot cross buns. Twas a very pretty run, the views from the tops were outstanding, well done hares, a really good hash.


Write up by Baldbrick

27th March 2008 at 9:53am