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Saturday 31st July 2021
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R*n 271 location

R*n 271 started from Elastic & Totty's, Garth Row and the On Inn was Duke of Cumberland, Kendal.

Who ran 271? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Madge - Hare83442
Tarty Totty - Hare3811
Feels on Wheels86169
Forever Blowing30170200
Full Member32528
Loose Elastic21012
Major Twit9102111
Master Baker86977
Minor Twat1290102

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On Inn - Duke of Cumberland, Kendal

This was our 2nd visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 27th July 2008 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 271 »

Garth Row

Once I had dropped an excited Bitter off at Carnforth Steam Gala for a whole day trainspotting, I set forth to locate firstly Garth Row, and then secondly the Hares humble abode. Having driven through the village twice without success, I waited in the layby like an MI5 spy until I spotted some other hashers who appeared to know their way.  When we arrived, what a view from the hares cottage - it fair took my breath away!

What started so well quickly went down hill when I was asked where the buckets were.... oh sh*t, still in the garage at home! I blamed it on my hormonal state (we women can get away with that one) and the hares quickly sorted out a solution by dashing off to Aldi.

After being told it was a short r*n, we set off down the drive and out of the village, crossed the A6 and lots of fields but mercifully, not too much climbing. We had two visitors (if my hormonal state can recall) - Katie and Helen, friends of Lucy-elastic. Katie decided she could be an FRB once she had got used to the markings and gave us all a run for our money. Marathon Man (aka Full Member) decided he was a true FRB and did the majority of the checks. In the absence of Lurch and Thunder dick, this was appreciated although girl power held up our end with Twit and myself performing our duties well (I can say that 'cos its my write up)!. Some shortcutting took place across some fields but overall everyone behaved themselves.

Beer stop over we set off back along the river and with it being a fab' hot day (summer arrived at last), several hashers went in for a quick paddle. Lots of white flesh exposed going in and lots of blue flesh coming out!

Finally after two full hours we arrived back at the start where D2s were awarded by our deputy RA (Baldbrick) to...

  • The Hares
  • Our visitors
  • Me for forgetting the bucket and having a strop
  • Full Member for permanent FRBing
  • Twit for fishing?
  • Madge for being a co-ordinated fashion guru
  • Dormouse and Speedbump for turing up an hour late on their bikes - obviously knacked after coming the long way round from Ulverston.

We then retired to the On Inn in Kendal and enjoyed some more sun, good grub and good beer (so they told me)!

A good day out had by all (including Bitter)!


Write up by Twisted

2nd August 2008 at 5:53am