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Saturday 21st July 2018
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R*n 274 location

R*n 274 started from the On Inn - Plough, Galgate.

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Feels on Wheels - Hare96372
Major Twit - Hare10103113
Cum Yak Yak47579
No More Cum17100117

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Sunday 24th August 2008 at 11:00am

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The usual mass gathering of hashers was somewhat depleted on this occasion due to National hashing events taking place elsewhere in the country and summer holiday commitments, etc. Why anyone would prefer to go sailing in Dorset rather than hashing in Galgate is beyond me quite frankly.

The Hares had warned of mud and nettles ahead but not of the hazards of crossing the A6 twice within the first hundred yards of leaving the start circle. Highway, with his intricate knowledge of all things related to roads, donned his lollipop man’s outfit and saw us all safely across.

We soon joined the towpath of the Lancaster Canal (Glasson Spur). The Glasson Arm, as it is known, has six locks to enable the canal to achieve sea level at Glasson Docks. The branch was completed in 1826, some time after the main canal was completed and provides the only link for the canal to the sea. The branch has six wide beam locks, each very well built, using the same principles as the locks on most of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. Obviously a canal anorak in the making here - Twisted)

The towpath encouraged some fast running by the more professional Olympic inspired hashers. Those of us looking for a more leisurely day opted for a lift kindly offered by the proprietor of an unusually fast moving longboat which enabled those partaking to reach the fish hook at about the same time as everyone else. Cum Yak Yak was however somewhat concerned that ‘Norway’ was nowhere to be seen. Are you confused? Don’t be, she meant Highway and he was a front runner at that point and so all was well.

Everyone opted to do the first Rambo split which took us across swampland infested by crocodiles, rats and soldier ants. Only the strongest hashers survived to enjoy a well stocked beer stop before setting off again having deposited our supplies of corn acquired en-route. Having enjoyed such an exciting hash so far, it came as something of a disappointment when myself and Cum Yak Yak made the mistake of following Norway, sorry Highway, who had missed the 6 foot high 2nd Wimp/Rambo flour markings and took us into a field off trail where I sank into 3 feet of mud and needed to be rescued before being able to continue. Unfortunately by the time we got back on trail we’d lost too much time to join the Rambos and so chose to wimp instead. The problem was we couldn’t find the trail and Feels on Wheels eventually found me wandering around in a confused state. Thank you Feels on Wheels.

The remainder of the hash was fairly uneventful until we got back to Galgate where we viewed an excursion train heading north across the viaduct topped by a Class 37 and tailed by a Class 47. A number of other hashers quizzed me as to my knowledge of the locomotives and the train which Twisted had also correctly identified, before awarding us down down’s for being anoraks. How unfair.

Down downs were also awarded to Major Twit and Feels on Wheels for haring a most splendid hash, Highway for ‘dashing’ (across the Highway), Bamboo for impersonating Lurch, and Twisted, Major Twit, Feels on Wheels and Cum Yak Yak (Harrietts) for girl power.

A brief viewing of the closing Bejing Olympic ceremony was enjoyed whilst ordering beer prior to soaking up the sunshine and chips & gravy (rating 7/10) in the garden of the On-Inn.

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30th August 2008 at 5:53am