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Wednesday 19th February 2020
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R*n 28 location

R*n 28 started from the On Inn - The Priory, Scorton.

Who ran 28? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Lurch - Hare41822
Morticia - Hare41317
Atomic Caton088
Cousin It1910
Forever Blowing52126
Moby Dick033
The Accused21214
The Judge21416

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Sunday 10th March 2002 at 11:00am

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On a wet Sunday morning, a measly 7 runners assembled in Scorton to listen to the Hares, Lurch and Morticia, instructions.  In the absence of the GM and the RA, Forever Blowing and Bubbles stood in respectively.

The on on was up the hill and over the M6 motorway, running past several decent barn conversions.  A checkpoint later led us through a muddy field (first of many) and down a rhododendron lined footpath (no Slackbladder on this run - shame these seem to be his favourite plants)!  Morticia caught up with us at this point, claiming she'd like to run along with us - must have left the rest of the trail marking to Lurch!  Re-joining the road we were met by late comers The Judge & The Accused, ambling along after abandoning their car under a bridge!  Not that we were complaining as this swelled our numbers.

After leaving the road we headed up a pathway into woods pretty slippy and being a mountain goat would have come in handy at this point!  Lots of deep shiggy across the field, Gimlet was in his element!  At the Rambo/Wimp split it was up to Gimlet, Pudsey and Moby Dick (aptly named later) to bravely do the macho boy stuff leaving the rest of us on the Wimps trail.  Bubbles and Harry were wimping in leaps and bounds, but when Atomic Caton caught them up it appeared that the Rambo/Wimp split hadn't been visible enough and they'd missed it!  For a while it seemed no one was following so it was thought everyone had taken the Rambo trail, however, Forever Blowing and The Judge soon caught up. With Bubbles still thinking he was a Rambo that just left the girls to have a midst run knitting circle - Cousin It, Morticia and The Accused were bringing up the rear... somewhere.  After almost reaching the M6 then realising we were on the wrong track (no sign of the Rambos at this point) we were met by Lurch marking the end of the run.  Another field full of shiggy later and we got back onto the road and ran down into Scorton back to our cars.  The Rambo's arrived back about 15 minutes later!

Excellent run apart from the weather - it would be a good one to do in the middle of summer with evidently less rain!

The stand in RA awarded Down downs to:

  • The Hares Lurch & Morticia and their lack of markings (but at least no one got lost this time!
  • Late arrivals The Judge & The Accused
  • Most runs for the LVH3 - Forever Blowing 
  • "Can't be bothered - it's raining" and telling other people it didn't matter if they didn't go on the run today - Forever Blowing  
  • Wearing a hat in the circle - Atomic Caton  

The naming ceremony of Richard Lund took place and several Dicks later it was decided his Hash name would be Moby Dick!

Atomic Caton

Write up by Atomic Caton

16th March 2002 at 5:53am