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Sunday 1st November 2020
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R*n 282 location

R*n 282 started from YHA Kirkby Stephen, Kirkby Stephen and the On Inn was Kings Arms, Kirkby Stephen.

Who ran 282? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Lurch - Hare32154186
Morticia - Hare27140167
Cum Yak Yak57883
Feels on Wheels116778
Forever Blowing30175205
Full Member53035
Hash Drunk1796113
Master Baker87886
No More Cum18104122
Off His Trolley98493
Pick Me Up1891109
Scouse Count01919
White Noise77683

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On Inn - Kings Arms, Kirkby Stephen

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Sunday 26th October 2008 at 11:00am

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Kirkby Stephen - Kirkby Stephen Weekend




Paddy O'Day

After the previous day’s Biblical deluge today was a contrast, a few light showers, still a fresh breeze that felt cold if the sun wasn’t shining, but great visibility and full of October beauty. At last everyone could see what this corner of the world actually looks like!

We set out on a similar line to Friday evening but turned the other way on the old railway line, across the viaducts and then up the fellside. The beck that runs down a geological formation through the woods at Ewebank Scar was really impressive in spate – one payback for yesterday! Onwards and upwards (quite gently after the trials of previous day!) through a gap in the foothills to the flat area of Ladthwaite, through excellent limestone country and finally to a beer stop, the location of which was apparently selected specially for its being the coldest place for miles around.

As people would be heading off at different times on return to the hostel this was also the circle. Down downs for hares Lurch and Morticia, one down down for Fullmember for cutting a corner near the beginning (taking advantage of the fact that he had advised the hares on the route, and knows a short cut when he sees one, but Fair Cop) and an astonishing one for Feels On Wheels on the basis that she is a FRB (which she doesn’t claim to be) and therefore should make sure she goes right to the back on a fishhook. Given the general variance in compliance with fishhooks….. more consistency please Mr RA!

The wimps (comprising the majority, but many had journeys to undertake) tootled off down the fell lane while the rambos enjoyed an exquisite run over Langrigg and the limestone beyond, with views over the Eden Valley. Wonderful. Thanks, hares.

Back to Kirkby Stephen and the final conviviality of the weekend down the Kings Arms. A good weekend was had, I think, by all.

Now over to Cum Yak Yak for a no doubt lengthy treatise on all things chippy….

Full Member

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1st November 2008 at 5:53am