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Monday 20th May 2019
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R*n 283 location

R*n 283 started from the On Inn - Sun Inn, Crook.

Who ran 283? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Highway - Hare98998
Master Baker - Hare97887
Full Member53136
Off His Trolley98594
White Noise77784

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Sunday 9th November 2008 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 283 »


Misdemeanor - CH3
HalfDome      - CH3

Despite a stormy journey up to Crook avoiding several road accidents following (grateful) receipt of advance traffic warnings from Upper Skirt, we arrived in dry, but bl**dy cold weather. Amongst us venerable LVH3 hashers, we had two hashers from Cockermouth (as named above) plus a non-named two time hasher called Jan who had come a long way to join us (obviously too keen for words)!

Highway described a short run with two R/W splits and a beerstop, however MasterBaker was able to confirm he had been out haring since the crack of dawn so we didn't bank on it being a short-un!

Off along a short road section and then off up a rough steep track into the hills. Over slippy stiles, across wet fields, a peek at the cute piglets, through lots of shiggy until we reached one of the view points highlighted by the hares in the circle. A tower built in 1620, which Baldbrick remarked had not taken the builders too long as it was only approaching 12pm when we arrived!

We didn't dally for too long as the beer stop was beckoning and we ran on through beautiful 360 degree scenery with amazing autumnal shades, passing the full line up of Lake District fell tops identified by Full Member, on through remote farms and more grassy tracks till we found the beer stop.

Fortified with Hob Nob Chocolate Creams and beer for the hard hashers we set off for the r*n home. Certainly not outdone by the first half, the second half was as heart stopping as the first (both for steepness and views)! Some hashers decided to miss the second view point (which Lurch scaled to take in the full views) and we all ran to the On Inn in small (but perfectly formed) groups.

No circle due to the foul weather that had set in but a welcoming On Inn where Bitter declared the Chips and Gravy an 8 out of 10. Upper Skirts technology declared the r*n just short of 7 miles.... not a short un as expected but as usual, a classic Highway run of fantastic views and highlights.

On On to the AGPU.


Write up by Twisted

15th November 2008 at 5:53am