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Friday 23rd October 2020
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R*n 288 location

R*n 288 started from the On Inn - Fleece Inn, Dolphinholme.

Who ran 288? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bitter - Hare168298
Twisted - Hare1686102
Chemical Alley41216
Major Twit11107118
Master Baker98392
Minor Twat1293105
Scouse Count02020
Sir Tom Tom022
Slack Haddock178

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On Inn - Fleece Inn, Dolphinholme

Image of Fleece Inn, Dolphinholme

This was our 4th visit. We also visited on...

The Fleece Inn dates back to the early eighteenth century as an inn for travellers. Full of original period features such as old oak beams and fireplaces etc.


Friday 26th December 2008 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 288 »

Dolphinholme - Boxing Day R*n

It was a perfect winter's day, with blue sky, sunshine and a light breeze.

We met at The Fleece Inn and while Twisted collected meal orders and went off to start cooking, Bitter briefed us on the run. As it was Boxing Day they provided a quiz of 4 questions which no one could remember, something to do with a bridge, a mansion, dry cleaning days and the letters MGW. Problem was most of the hash are developing cronich brian fialure due to too much sex durgs and alcoohl.One of the first symtomps is losing the abiilty to spell.

So what happened on the run? Not much really, ran a bit, walked a bit, climbed a few stiles, followed the river Wyre, enjoyed the views, the sunshine, the company, forgot all about the questions.

At a check I met Antiseptic, she clearly was not using enough of her namesake as her supernatural barriers had been invaded by a virus and she wasn't on top form. We nattered all the way back to the Fleece Inn which is how we managed to miss all the markings and go off trail. Some friendly locals pointed us in the right direction saying the rest of the Santas were already at the pub.

We arrived late and the circle was already in progress. Down downs went to numerous hashers and were accompanied by carols. Hark the Herald... was given a fair rendition, but Ding Dong Merrily... needs more practise. Pudsley was not impressed.

We adjourned to the pub where Twisted had concocted all manner of dishes and was eagerly anticipating the results of the quiz which she had put so much effort into. Some hashers had remembered one question, some 2, some 3, nobody had rememberd 4 questions. Some of us, hadn't understood any of the questions. The winners Baldbrick's and Upperskirt's family won a box of Twisted's unwanted chocs.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy new year, Morticia


Write up by Morticia

1st January 2009 at 5:53am