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Sunday 14th August 2022
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R*n 292 location

R*n 292 started from car park at junction of Strait Lane and Doeholme Rake, Abbeystead and the On Inn was Fleece Inn, Dolphinholme.

Who ran 292? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Master Baker - Hare108696
Upperskirt - Hare16168184
Bedside Manner74754
Cum Yak Yak57984
Feels on Wheels117081
No More Cum18105123
Off His Trolley108898
Sir Tom Tom066
Thunder Dick95059
White Noise88088

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On Inn - Fleece Inn, Dolphinholme

Image of Fleece Inn, Dolphinholme

This was our 5th visit. We also visited on...

The Fleece Inn dates back to the early eighteenth century as an inn for travellers. Full of original period features such as old oak beams and fireplaces etc.


Sunday 8th February 2009 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 292 »


No, we didn’t remember it from first time round…. honest!

This was in fact a re-run of R*n 257, which was one of LVH3’s more memorable recent routes. We had been supposed to run from Kirkby Lonsdale, but were re-routed with 48hrs to go, not because of blizzard conditions, but due to injury to the Hare to be (Baldbrick slipped on some ice and has hurt his wrist….or so he says….). So MasterBaker and Upperskirt stepped at the last minute as the Hares for the day.

The turnout was lower than previous weeks probably due to the incredibly dire weather conditions forecast by the BBC. Most of Mismanagement were absent, including the GM and RA. In fact the weather was glorious, with crisp going underfoot, amazing views over the snow capped Bowland Hills and a really bright blue sky. No More Cum turned up in new shoes, and didn’t complain too much when he was encouraged to take a pre-run down-down.

Then for the off, through the roadworks and onto the weir. The trail ran through the picturesque woods beside the Abbeystead reservoir before opening out onto fields in the Abbeystead Estate. After a beer stop (where the quiet country tranquillity was punctured by an interesting playlist on MB’s car stereo), it was back across the fields and off into the nethermost regions of Tarnbrook. En-route the pack stumbled across Doormouse and Speedbump who were running the route the other way. They’d got lost trying to find the run (having driven through the Car Park twice!), and decided to abandon their car next to a random marking and follow the route in the hope of finding everyone else.

After admiring the scenery at Tarnbrook, with the snow on the hills glistening in the bright winter sun, it was back down the road and across the fields to Abbeystead. There was meant to be a fishhook somewhere, but most of the runners never saw it. However, Doormouse and Speedbump’s abandoned car was spotted, and their crime of being ‘latecomers’ was enscribed in the dirt on the boot (they probably still haven’t noticed this).

Back at the Car Park MB’s choice of music had deteriorated further, and he was caught singing along to Sinitta’s ‘So Macho’. Oh dear.

If you want more information on what happens if you follow this wonderful route the other way round, just look up Run 257 in the LVH3 Archives.

Thunder Dick

Write up by Thunder Dick

14th February 2009 at 5:53am