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Monday 26th February 2024
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R*n 296 location

R*n 296 started from Dowker's Lane car park, Kendal and the On Inn was Miles Thompson, Kendal.

Who ran 296? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Feels on Wheels - Hare137083
Master Baker1090100
Sir Tom Tom1910

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Wednesday 11th March 2009 at 7:00pm

Full MoonR*n 296 »


The Secret Seven call a meeting and explore the ruined castle in the dark!

It was already getting dusky when the famous friends secretly assembled in a Kendal car park at unplanned intervals to confuse the spies. "What adventure shall we have tonight then Feels?" asked Highway. "I baggsy the write-up", said Cyber. "C'mon you lot, gather round and let's have a fab briefing and get going", said Feels. But Feels only hinted at her secret plan, as the six pack set off at the double for the river.

It wasn't long before the friends begain to see the wheeze, because no sooner had they followed the trail a mile down river than it doubled back and brought them mysteriously back into town. After a jolly close shave when Sir Tom Tom completely ignored instructions to cross the road safely and almost got lost, soon the brooding hill loomed ahead. "Shall we all take the hard trail?", asked Upperskirt.  "Jolly right!", said Masterbaker firmly as Feels gave clues to how the six pack should assault the slopes without being seen.

"This is a jolly exhausting climb", complained Highway. "Shhh", scolded Antiseptic, whispering loudly. "You'll alert the enemy." But before long the spooky ruins emerged from the darkness. It was Kendal Castle!  "Are we nearly there yet?" Shouted Upperskirt. "Oh, shut up an look at that lovely view and the gorgeous lights at night", said Cyber as the brave friends skirted the castle moat and prepared for the dangerous descent.

The six pack hurtled down the steep slopes and were soon following the river again, crossing by a footbridge to lead them back, exhausted but happy, to the car park and a scrumptious bottle of pop. "What a jolly great adventure", said Master Baker, as the friends gathered in a circle for a de-briefing meeting. After Sir Tom Tom got a proper telling-off for nearly missing his safe road crossing and Upperskirt got a scolding for forgetting Master Baker's pants, Cyber said: "I know, let's pour some water over Upperskirt's head and give her a different nickname, like Random Bint, just to confuse the enemy." "Yes let's, goody", cheered the pals in unison, and sang one of their special little songs out of sheer joy.

"I'm hungry!", said Random Bint. "Let's go down the pub". "Be careful crossing the road", warned Feels, as she set off home to bed, while the six pack headed for beers in Wetherspoons.



Write up by Cyberseptic

17th March 2009 at 1:53pm