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Saturday 11th July 2020
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R*n 3 location

R*n 3 started from Summit of Clawthorpe Lane, Burton-in-Kendal and the On Inn was Old Station Inn, Burton-in-Kendal.

Who ran 3? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare213
Forever Blowing - Hare123
Hash Drunk213
The Judge011

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On Inn - Old Station Inn, Burton-in-Kendal

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Sunday 10th December 2000 at 11:00am

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A sunny and blue morning of Sunday 10th December finds us driving through Burton in Kendal to see a familiar Volvo parked outside the pub. Bubbles directs us up the narrow road leading up between Hutton Roof and Farleton Fell. We park at the top - that should save running up hill too much.

Given that this is dry limestone country the Hares look remarkably muddy. Ellie, new to our hash optimistically is wearing shorts whilst her friend Mark consults his stomach to see whether they should come.  No says his stomach to him too much alcohol to carry round from yesterday.

We're off with much reduced numbers today running anti-clockwise round Farleton fell with views towards Kirby Lonsdale. We dodge the puddles lying in the track to put off the moment when our feet get really wet. The bugle remained behind in deference to the sheep enjoying a Sunday morning lie-in.

The hares peculiar sadistic tendencies reveal themselves as we reverse through prickly gorse when there's a perfectly good path not far away... but we wouldn't like to lose the trail would we?

A long climb reduces us to walkers instead of intrepid harriers and then to a cairn and the Lakeland hills burst into view one way, the Pennines still behind us and... a huge black cloud blotting out the view to the South.

Whilst the checkpoints fail to lose us, a kink in the trail succeeds and we fan out losing height towards the M6 looking for some obscure trail.  We give up and then pick up the trail where we thought it should be - under the climbers crags. Precious time lost means the rains find us. The black cloud, urged on by a brisk wind is now disgorging its contents on us in droplets the size and feel of hailstones.

Meanwhile, back at base Forever Blowing is heating up mulled wine in a pressure cooker over a gas stove at the back of the Volvo.  Here's a useful tip for removing unwanted facial hair:  alcohol boils before water and its pretty inflammable as a gas.  Trap it in a pressure cooker with the lid, then remove the lid allowing the vapour to ignite.  Good one Trish.

A sharp left brings us onto the track back to the cars.  Only a checkpoint and a sea of mud separates us from shelter.  But we're not allowed real shelter with down-downs to do.  A hasty ceremony with a splendid brew of hot mulled wine is held under an umbrella to anoint Ellie as 'the Judge'.  No one noticed it was Andrew's first outing and even Rhiannon had dirty trainers.

For your information:
As we have had 3 runs we are a real Hash and can be entered on the Hash Family Tree in Kuala Lumpur - our parent hashes being Kowloon and Aberdeen.

We have 25 people on our mailing list who want to be kept informed of future dates - keep passing the word, the more the merrier.  We intend to continue Sunday at 11am, possibly having it as a regular 3rd Sunday, then once we're in BST start a Monday evening run.  We have Public Liability insurance , please note that you are responsible for your own personal accident insurance.

Whilst children who can run are welcome on Sunday runs,  they remain their parents' responsibility.  Please be aware that the social aspects of Hashing can be said to carry at least a Parental Guidance certificate.

There will be a bucket provided at all hashes - maybe not mulled wine for a while!!, but certainly beer and softies, for this we will be charging £1 per head per run.


Write up by Lurch

16th December 2000 at 5:53am