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Monday 26th February 2024
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R*n 309 location

R*n 309 started from on the Ulpha to Eskdale Green road past Crosbythwaite Farm, Ulpha and the On Inn was Newfield Inn, Seathwaite.

Who ran 309? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare44184228
Forever Blowing - Hare33182215
Chemical Alley51520
Master Baker11102113

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Saturday 11th July 2009 at 11:00am

Hash WeekendR*n 309 »

Ulpha - Duddon Valley Weekend

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire – Saturday in the Duddon Valley July 11 2009

The hares set off, having left instructions for the hounds to get to the start of the r*n and to take money for the beer stop. The hounds had breakfast in the sunshine. The Septics played boule in the long grass (there was no short grass) with Dormouse and Speedbump watching. Upperskirt was reading, Baldbrick and Masterbaker chilling. Eventually the hounds thought they better get going and drove to the start of the r*n – no hares –but Highway and Chemical alley were there. The hares arrived with a minute to spare. Bubbles had maximised his time in bed to the second. Forever Blowing was pleased to have finished setting and was glad she wasn’t doing it again. AS was stand-in hash flash and took a photo of the merry band when a passing cyclist offered to take one with everyone in and showed AS how to take photos by making sure the camera wasn’t looking into the sun – resulting in AS’s silhouette picture and the cyclist’s good one.

The merry pack set off along the trail and wandered across a few fields, through some trees and over a slate pile.  The trail was lost and Cyberseptic was lost at the back with a sore knee but by the time the trail had been found going down through the bracken he’d caught up. The trail led down a stony path to the road where there wasn’t a beer stop but the bucket and hares were there so we had drinks.

Cyber decided to take a short cut to the beer stop in the back of the hares car but as he wouldn’t fit Forever Blowing was very kind and squeezed in the back so CS could go in the front seat. The rest of the hounds set off on trail along a few paths over some fields to the stepping stones across the river.  Here Dormouse showed how polite the Scots are by pushing his way over the stepping stones against the flow of people coming in the opposite direction. AS made sure everyone got splashed with water. There was some debate along the trail as to where the beer stop could be as there was only one pub in the area – was the beer stop at a pub? After climbing a hill that Upperskirt remembered from last year, r*nning down a long grassy path where Speedbump felt really fit - we got back to the river again, waded across and there we were at the beer stop.  Ulpha PO for ice creams and carrot cake made by Forever Blowing. It was great sitting on the grassy bank, all reunited in the sunshine.

CS joined us again after his rest and the trail went up through the woods where FB and B had got the brambles etc cut back for us – along some dodgy paths and out onto the open fell. From here we could see our cars but the trail went in the opposite direction up hill. Upperskirt didn’t have anymore climbs in her legs and only a couple of r*ns left. Luckily there were enough for her to get to the end. Chemical Alley decided it was easier going on the tarmac road up to the cars. It was a wonderful r*n with a lot of good hashing, views and plenty of bog aspedril, orchids and cotton grass to keep AS happy.

We had the circle in the sunshine. Down downs were awarded to most people for a variety of sins – MB for calling people by there muggle names, CS for short cutting, DM for being impolite, HW for a couple of sins including being a FRB, CA for sprinting past AS on the tarmac, AS and CS for haring Friday night’s r*n and a few other random sins. FB then left a message on Thunderdick’s phone to say that the Duddon “A” Team would be at Sunday’s run at 12:00.

We said goodbye to HW and CA as the time had arrived to get back to the campsite for showers and the BBQ.

All the Barbie’s were lit and most of the food sizzling away happily. DM, SB, FB, B and the septics were all eating merrily and filling their empty tummies but US, MB were still waiting for BB to cook their food. The BBQ was not performing very well so he moved their food to the other BBQ’s. Very slowly the food started to cook and at last US, MA~B and BB were able to eat a burger. The sausages and spare ribs were taking a little longer to cook. The kebabs got there and were hungrily eaten by the starving 3. Meanwhile the rest were finishing off their lunch, the cakes, biscuits and fruit were out and being demolished along with a few beers. FB offered the use of their frying pan and gas stove to finish off cooking the rest of their BBQ but BB thought it would eventually cook. Anyway to cut a long story short he went to the loo – while he was there FB cooked the food on the gas stove, put it back on the BBQ’s and we waited to see how long it would be before BB noticed the food was cooked. On his return from the loo – he checked the food and lo and behold it was cooked – how clever he was – what an amazing chef he was – why was everyone laughing – oh it was nothing, just something that had happened while he was away…… - he didn’t realise until the circle after the Sunday r*n but that’s a story for tomorrow.

Full Member arrived after having been hard at work all day in Leyland. We let him into the secret!! After a couple more beers and after MB and CS had woken up after their nap we cleared up, prepared for rain and went down the pub. AS tried to recruit 3 bods – maybe one day they’ll turn up at a hash r*n….

Later in the evening the rain came and it rained most of the night – when I say rain I mean very heavy rain but we all survived snug as bugs in our tents.


Write up by Antiseptic

17th July 2009 at 5:53am