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Monday 26th February 2024
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R*n 31 location

R*n 31 started from the On Inn - Old Hill Inn, Chapel-le-Dale.

Who ran 31? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare91827
Slackbladder - Hare61622
Cousin It11213
Forever Blowing52429
Hash Drunk72128
Pick Me Up61925
Piggy Dough011
The Accused21416
The Judge21618

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On Inn - Old Hill Inn, Chapel-le-Dale

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...


Saturday 27th April 2002 at 7:00pm

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Chapel-le-Dale - First Full Moon Run

Our first full moon hash, all gathered at The Hill Inn outside Ingleton, complete with camping gear. All the tents were pitched in the car park of the Hill INN where a sign on the gate read ' NO TENTS' (hmm interesting). As we gathered before the run a strange noise was heard coming from Baldcock's tent and when questioned he assured us it was from blowing up his airbed and if we heard it in the middle of the night, that is what it would be. Not.

We started off from the carpark, turned left towards Ingleton and very quickly right into a nearby farm. From here we ventured down a track way and immediately lost the trail. On finding the correct trail we ventured along a narrow rough terrain path and on through a field where a river crossing was encountered where Slackbladder was in waiting with a camera to add photos of any mishaps to our growing list on the LVH3 web site. At this point many began rolling up their trousers, taking off their socks and some just wading through. The Accused found a way across without getting wet followed by the Judge. Pick me up jumped into the middle to the stream and stumbled only to gain her composure in the nick of time to avoid going for a dip headfirst. Surely a contender for a down down for failing to fall the rest of the way and providing us with a perfect photo opportunity.  On from here through the fields and a couple more farm yards until we started our descent  past an old statue an even older church and back onto the roadway where the wimps turned left and followed the roadway back to the car park and the Rambo's continued over the wall at the far side of the road and across the bottom of Ingleborough fell.

As the wimps gathered in the car park the first of the Rambo's appeared followed by the rest some time later. Apparently the first group failed to rub out a check and the second group went off on a wild goose chase to find the correct path. They eventually arrived back at the car park.

It was agreed by all that this was an excellent run just enough to get everybody in the mood for a few bevies in the pub.

Quite a few down downs followed starting with a number of hash virgins who wondered what on earth they got them selves in for, the Accused and the Judge for the incorrect use of point 5 on the LVH3 web site, The first batch of Rambo's for failing to rub out the check on the Rambo split and several others which unfortunately I cannot remember. Down down for me next time. From here we all retired to the Hill inn where we had a very nice meal washed down by a few beers and in the case of Bubbles who was in two rounds several more beers.

Closing time at approx 1am all went back to their tents to try gain a good nights sleep in anticipation of  LVH3 run 32 the next morning. With the wind blowing a gale and the rain coming down in buckets together with the cars speeding down the road past the camp site I likened the night to being in the middle of the Atlantic on the deck of an aircraft carrier. How the tents stayed up in that night I will never know. Next morning we all awoke to more rain and wind and another LVH3 run.

Write up by an unknown scribe

3rd May 2002 at 1:53pm