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Saturday 23rd January 2021
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R*n 33 location

R*n 33 started from Lay-by on the Wray to Lowgill Road, Wray and the On Inn was New Inn, Wray.

Who ran 33? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Lurch - Hare52227
Morticia - Hare51722
Fart Arse011
Forever Blowing62531
Fowl Scrotum011
Hash Drunk72330
Pick Me Up62127
Pole Dancer011
The Judge21820
Tight Arse033

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Sunday 12th May 2002 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 33 »

Roeburndale Ramble

Artie Fartie...

I wander'd lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills
When all at once I saw around
A host of blooming bluebells... ?

Oh well, back to the drawing board I suppose.

Perfect weather, beautiful countryside, stunning views and checks so charming and ingenuous in their brief modesty as to soften the even the hardest Hasher.  An Impression of Monet in Indigo blues, Incandescent yellow and Iridescent green made vivid by shafted sunlight.  Magical.

Smiling and glowing, we pass cottages and gardens and On On to a happy jovial rustic merrily rejoining to our high spirits and joy of living with "shut that bloody noise up - you're frightening the cows!"  Spare Bubbles blushes, made pink with embarrassment, as we became respectful of country ways and quietly passed the miserable of F**ker by.  There's always one, isn't there?

On ON to a BUCKET - Yippee!  For those of us who were glowing like pigs, others merely sweating.  The pack gathered round for that most traditional of Hash refreshments - Diet Cola.  Bloody Hell Slackbladder!   It was in this sylvan setting made freshly fragrant with recent muck spreading that Gimlet was exposed - an honest error - congratulating Forever Blowing on an imminent happy event.  Parturition revealed, however, a small but perfectly formed camera (all the better to snap you with) and a beautiful bouncing bum bag which was not, curiously enough, worn over the beautiful bouncing bum.

Rambos and Wimps (like the proverbial actresses' legs) were soon parted with FRB Virgin "Chicken" demonstrating youthful vigour and local knowledge to be the first Rambo back at the bucket - not really good form on one's first Hash, surely?  (The Hash seems to be getting younger - I'll swear one of the pack couldn't have been more than 2 years old - perhaps it's my age?)

RA Slackbladder was in good form taking all and sundry to task for manifold misdemeanours.  These included (a new one for me) "being a good Hasher" - ?! ?? !!,  and - one that I really liked - all the pack put in the circle and given a D2 for NOT CHECKING (Bastards!).   "Quite right too" I thought from my exalted position as the chorister outside the circle, alone with my unshakeable faith - looking down on the faithless wretches before me.  Another new one was surrogate D2s but that's far too complicated to explain.

The Virgins Chicken and Nina acquitted themselves with aplomb and with Nina experiencing D6 for being a Virgin, not checking AND joining the knitting circle in 3.4589 milliseconds from starting the Hash.

Now then.  SHOCK, HORROR - The GM won't be at the next run.  Verily I say unto you that the gathered multitude did knit their brow and rent their garments and their garages out for they were sore afraid. "What shall we do?", "Who shall we turn to?", "Who will guide and protect us?" they wailed.  "The next most senior authorised officer" quoth Bubbles.  Well that's good to know.  Did somebody forget to give him his tablets?

On2 to the New Inn for a languid après Hash with good company, perfect weather and lovely views across the valley to distant hills and fells.  How refined.  Young Michael, however, embracing the spirit of the Hash added "Down Down" to his vocabulary and demonstrated his lineage by appropriately earning himself the name "Fart Arse" - out of "Tight A", by Slackbladder (it is said).

Having clarified a slight misunderstanding about what exactly "French Oral" was and a side exploration of lacy vests, the conversation moved on to art and painting with "Heaven and Hell" as a theme.  Perhaps rather like a mellifluously mellow Sunday On2 followed by a grey, windy Monday morning with the rain pissing down?  Compare and contrast.


Write up by Gimlet

18th May 2002 at 5:53am