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Friday 21st January 2022
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R*n 36 location

R*n 36 started from Littledale Road, Brookhouse and the On Inn was Addams Family home, Brookhouse.

Who ran 36? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Slackbladder - Hare71926
Cousin It11516
Cum Yak Yak044
Forever Blowing62834
Fowl Scrotum033
No More Cum51621
Old Banger022
Pick Me Up62228
Piggy Dough134
Pole Dancer022
Septic Canary022
The Accused21719
The Judge21921

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On Inn - Addams Family home, Brookhouse

Image of Addams Family home, Brookhouse

This was our 2nd visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 23rd June 2002 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 36 »


The weather was kind to the hashers of run 36 and all but two managed to assemble in Bubbles and Forever Blowing's garden by 11 o'clock. Upon our arrival we were greeted by the scene of Forever Blowing with her hand down the outside drain trying to clear a blockage (Bubbles stood closely by supervising). Gimlet arrived sporting brand new running shoes, which inevitably gave rise to a down-down out of one of them before the run began.

After all this initial excitement, Slackbladder proceeded to gave us all "clear, succinct" Instructions and directions for the run (with the Judge and the Accused sauntering into the garden by about 11.10). After photo's, of Gimlet's new shoes and the group, Slackbladder asked for the Wimps and the Rambo's to identify themselves, and to split into two groups. He then informed them that the Wimps would be driven in luxury to a secret location, part way round the course, the Rambo's were instructed to follow later.

Forever Blowing was on good form and led the Wimps through sunny, scenic Littledale, whilst holding Cum Yak Yak by the hand. The Wimps were determined, that after their generous start, they would not to let the Rambo's catch up with them. However, after one or two slight delays and wrong turns the Rambo's were quick on their trail, assertively following the signs the led them in the right direction, leaving the Wimps looking on mesmerised half way up a huge 1:10 hill. The Wimps quickly took this on board and sped off down the hill in the Rambo's direction.

After passing barking dogs and an ankle high animal secreted farm yard, Cum Yak Yak was taken under Old Banger's wing, and the Wimps soldiered on. Only a few more hurdles to endure, including two walls one of which was wobbly and topped by a barbed-wire fence and the other rickety and topped by a high trip wire. Some cleared these easily.  However, the walls did seem to pose a problem for others, with some of the Wimps managing to scratch and bruise their legs whilst climbing over them, and Pick Me Up ripping her shorts under the guidance of P-Dough. Not deterred, the more hardy Wimps forged forward through forests and bogs (captured on film by Bubbles). Some eventually caught up with the Rambo's, who were seen running off-course, after missing a small 2ft x 2ft (marker).

This called for drastic action, and Bubbles blew his horn, this had the effect of bringing off-course Rambo's, Wimps and trailing Wimps, including Cum Yak Yak who had lost her shoes in the bog, together. No More Cum was asked to baby sit Cum Yak Yak, then on on through more forestry, where Wimps and Rambo's split. Wimps were first to reach the much eagerly awaited Beer stop to include Whisky, where they were joined by Tightarse and Fartarse

Whimps keen to get going after a short break took the lead again when it became apparent that some Rambo's had taken an extended trail. On on to the next long Beer stop at the Black Bull in Brookhouse.  Eventually the last of the Rambo's finally made it back, and everyone took the trail to Slackbladder's and Tightarse's, then assembled in the garden for the circle.

The circle was a busy one, with down-downs for Slackbladder, for being the Hare, No More Cum for being a dad, Old Banger for baby sitting, Cum Yak Yak for losing her shoes in the mud, Gimlet for having new shoes, Bubbles for man management, Forever Blowing for cleaning the drains, Judge and the Accused for being late (again) the Accused for pinching the stand in GM's chair and Scrotum for being called Scrotum. There were two namings, Rowena shall now be referred to as Septic-Canary and Sue shall now be known as Old Banger.

Down-downs and naming complete, all retired to the Addams Family home, where Morticia had very kindly prepared for, a wonderful BBQ, that included an abundance of meat, salads, bread, wine, beer and sunshine, the merriment was to last all afternoon and into the early evening.

Thank you Morticia.

Pole Dancer

Write up by Pole Dancer

29th June 2002 at 5:53am