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Monday 26th February 2024
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R*n 386 location

R*n 386 started from Turner Hall Farm campsite, Seathwaite and the On Inn was Newfield Inn, Seathwaite.

Who ran 386? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Lurch - Hare42208250
Morticia - Hare37196233
Feels on Wheels22103125
Full Member95968
Off His Trolley15128143
White Noise13117130

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Saturday 9th July 2011 at 11:00am

Hash WeekendR*n 386 »

Seathwaite - Duddon Valley

The day dawned bright and dry and the rain from last night which caused the hares to make an executive decision to postpone the Friday r*n to Saturday had all disappeared and the sky was not quite all blue but gave us an expectation that it could be blue later. Happy campers had breakfast sitting outside (no idea what the 'flatters' did). The hares arrived back well in time for the start although Lurch and Wednesday had lost Morticia on route and didn't seem that bothered and didn't need to worry cos our GM turned up after having waded through the bog that Cyber and I got stuck in yesterday. (Big breath!)

The hares droned on and on in the circle about bulls and flour that might or might not be left after setting the r*n in the rain yesterday especially in the first half of the r*n and the beer stop that would happen after the first half of the r*n and some other stuff about the first half of the r*n that eventually led to Upperskirt losing the will to live and all of us wondering what the second half of the r*n might be like cos it didn't get mentioned only the first half of the r*n....... (Breathe!)

The first half turned out wonderful - the sun shone and we ran uphill and down again across soggy bits containing bog asphodel and orchids and spongy bits and dry bits and looked at an amazing waterfall and found some flour that hadn't been washed away and some newly laid flour so the hares had done something earlier in the day and Lurch kept making sure we were on the correct trail and helping those less able to clamber down really steep, slippery, rocky, loose stoned slopes and making sure we went the right way through the boggy pine woods and everything else that could have gone disastrously wrong but didn't cos we all made it to the idyllic beer stop with glorious views and loads of sun at the end of the first half. (Big sigh!)

After refreshment for the inside of our sweaty bodies some of us decided that refreshing the outside of our bodies would be a good idea too so we followed the first part of the second half of the r*n to Birks Bridge where we stripped off and clambered, jumped, crawled into the river where the water was a bit chilly but very refreshing and swam about while the others who hadn't sweated at all, including Feels on Wheels, and so didn't need refreshing watched from the bridge and the rocks and were thoroughly entertained by Lurch and Wednesday jumping in off the high rocks, Full Member appearing from downstream, Cyberseptic swimming around and Morticia and I elegantly entering and exiting the water like ladies do and then when we were all dry again the second half of the r*n began after the hare had checked out that some flour remained from yesterday as the hares had not bothered to remark the second half of the r*n which explained why it was never mentioned at the circle. (Phew!)

The terrain of the parts of the second half of the r*n did not allow for much r*nning unless you were descended from mountain goats like Wednesday, Full Member and Dormouse so the rest of us trotted, clambered, walked and slithered over rocks, stones and slippery bits alongside the river, through the trees and through beautiful countryside until we came upon Wednesday lurking in the trees directing the rambos one way and the wimps another over flooded stepping stones and like good obedient hashers we kept going in one direction or the other eventually finding trail, sometimes with the help of innocent bystanders who told us where other hashers had gone which helped Baldbrick and me to find the trail again which took us past bog myrtle and cotton grass until we all came in sight of the New Inn where we met White Noise and Off His Trolley and went off to the campsite or flat depending on where we started from a few hours before. (Deep breath!)

Barbeques were lit while Feels had a cold shower cos it didn't cost anything and Full Member squandered £2 on an 8 minute long hot shower and the 'Flatters' arrived by car with all their gear and food and we all sat around and stuffed ourselves while White Noise was happy to be alive and we all hoped she would be alive for the r*n tomorrow and then we had a circle where some people got down downs for some things which they did wrong and then we continued having a beer, cider, glass of red wine or whatever and kept being really pleased that White Noise was still alive ...........

The end!


Write up by Antiseptic

15th July 2011 at 7:14am