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Saturday 21st July 2018
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R*n 389 location

R*n 389 started from the On Inn - Pheasant Inn, Allithwaite.

Who ran 389? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
No More Cum - Hare21133154
Full Fat066
Gold Top066
Off His Trolley15132147
Sir Tom Tom158095
Turkish Delight088
White Noise13121134

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On Inn - Pheasant Inn, Allithwaite

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Sunday 24th July 2011 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 389 »


Having watched a programme on TV recently where a madman walked the length of the Amazon which took him 2 and a half years, I think NMC took this as inspiration for his hash and helped by his sister (who lives in Allithwaite), we went up hill and down dale all day!

It was a hash of extremes - distance (long, very long), height (steep, very steep), temperature (hot, so hot), checks (spaced out, so spaced out), Views (amazing), fab biscuits at beer stop (my favourite - custard creams), No other FRBs, (knackered, so knackered)!

It was all uphill from the start and the knitting circle were in trouble as even the FRBs were puffing and panting with the steepness and heat. We were rewarded with superb views across the bay from several vantage points but having been r*nning for ages and having reached the tower on Hampsfell, we were all parched and looking forward to seeing the mighty warrier NMC with the beer stop. No such luck as it was nearly another hour before we reached him, only for him to reveal that we were not quite half way round the route! OMG... even I was shocked and you know me, I love my hashing!

Before we set off from the beer stop at approx' 1:15, NMC tried to cheer us on by suggesting it was shady in the next stage but also informing us there was a "sting in the tail"! We were off into the woods again, where we lost trail and wandered around for months, hacking the vegetation down with our machetes to locate the correct route. Unfortunately Gobbler disappeared into the gloomy depths and I thought he was lost forever (he had also gone deaf as he did not respond to my shouting)! Thankfully he turned up later back in front and was cheerful enough to sing his usual hash song to chivvy us on as we hit several "Sting in the tails" going up and up again!

After yet another hour or four and a fab view point overlooking Grange, we popped out into civilisation just past Full Fat and Gold Tops house and bumped into NMC who having got in touch with his caring, sharing side, had started to worry about us! At this point he revealed that we were only half way back on the on-inn route (it being 2:20 at this point), so on a hash first, we all piled into NMC and Full Fats cars and beat a hasty retreat back to the pub before it closed for the evening!

There was no circle as we were all too traumatised and needed TLC in the form of food and drink (and counselling). Great pub and good food saw us all recovering and agreeing that we can go back and do the last section we missed out on another hash so we can say we finally completed the whole route - Put NMC down for his second r*n of the year On Sec!

Got home just as the stars were coming out.... but what a great route - thanks NMC! Will look forward to going back to face the long trek following the Amazon another time.


Write up by Twisted

26th July 2011 at 6:06am