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Sunday 14th August 2022
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R*n 39 location

R*n 39 started from the On Inn - Capernwray Dive Centre, Over Kellet.

Who ran 39? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare112435
Who's My Mum? - Hare189
Cousin It11718
Forever Blowing63137
Hash Drunk72633
No More Cum51722
Pick Me Up62531
Pole Dancer033
Septic Canary033
Sideshow Bob044
The Accused31821
The Judge32023

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On Inn - Capernwray Dive Centre, Over Kellet

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Wednesday 24th July 2002 at 7:00pm

Full MoonR*n 39 »


Twenty Seven hashers gathered at Capernwray Dive Centre in eager anticipation of this Full Moon Run set by Bubbles and Who's my Mum.

The run started with The Knitting Circle as FRB's, leaving the rest in a cloud of lime dust, kicked up by their turbo-charged feet. However before too long (about 15 seconds) they fell back into their usual position, at the back of the pack ,and normal service was resumed.
This left Sideshow Bob to shout out the initial on ons and  Cyberseptic's feeble horn blowing to marshal the hashers onto the first check.

Slackbladder did a lone check into a field that he was almost certain wasn't the correct trail ,but he could at least relieve himself before rejoining the pack.

By now Baldcock , P-Dough and No More Cum were setting a blistering pace down the canal ,two more checks and the pack headed through woodland and up into a residential campsite and another check.

Whilst one hasher checked for a trail through the caravan park, Forever Blowing ,forever attempting to attract new hashers, tried to explain the principles of hashing to one grumpy resident ,who, neither amused nor interested directed us away in a straight line along the correct trail, after politely informing us that the caravan site was private.  (Don't think that was me!- Ed.) So recruitless we reluctantly bode farewell and made good our exit.

Eventually Borwick was reached and all hashers were forced into a mire of shiggy ,much to the sadistic delight of watching hare Bubbles. Antiseptic was now able to show her delightful "dancing over shiggy" routine .

No More Cum was now concerned about VD's stones which were causing him some discomfort .But after a little  treatment from Gonner-Ear ,he was able to continue without medical attention.

Somewhere along the way there was a wimps/Rambo split but I can't remember where ,except to say that all hashers arrived back at the circle within minutes of each other ,which is always a sign of meticulous planning.

Septic Canary hobbled in with a knee injury, and Cyberseptic a back injury.

Down Downs were awarded to :-

  • The hares
  • VD for complaining about his stones, and Gonner-Ear for always being wherever VD was found.
  • Antiseptic for her dislike of shiggy.
  • Slackbladder for going to watch Blackpool in Austria when they were in fact in Blackpool!
  • Virgins... 
  • Visitors... 
  • New Name... Nina, it was explained by Bubbles, has a great love of lap dancing clubs and go go bars. Also she used to enjoy ballet and is of Polish descent. Armed with this info the RA duly baptised her... Pole Dancer.

The hash then retired to the clubhouse for more beer and food.


Write up by Slackbladder

30th July 2002 at 1:53pm